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WHAT? That is so awesome. Katie Cassidy is so awesome. So there's the Juliet part, which maybe it matters. The Becky Sharp part is interesting, especially connecting with the Lily Bart part, because they're both poor girls living above their station but Becky's also about revenge. The fact that it's the mugshot I'm not sure about, because it wasn't a murder or anything, just that time Lily called the cops on Serena so she would obey curfew and so we could hear Freur in a flashback episode.

Maybe the Becky Sharp thing means it's a school-days grudge, considering how intent S&B are about leaving Constance behind them. (Maybe it's Nelly Yuki after all!) I still think Poppy Lifton and the whole Gabriel situation are shoes that may yet drop. I was thinking also of the Countess but Martha pointed out that she's a high-ticket guest star. My greatest fear is that it's Jenny. She could make a pretty good case for the idea that her entire downfall (indeed, every bad thing that happened to her in all three seasons) started with Serena. Wouldn't you sort of love it, if Jenny pretended to get clean in Hudson but really had finally out-Blaired Blair? Sent this assassin after Serena, just for taking her bedroom?

Very exciting. Anyway, back in Paris, Eva is standing around doing nothing and Chuck comes running up and tries to explain this show: "Where I'm from, people lie and cheat and destroy whoever gets in their way. I did it better than any of them. When you dragged me in from the alley, you didn't just save my life, you gave me the hope of a new one." Eva knows that he's capable of being wonderful, and hopes that he takes a little bit of Henry Prince back home with him. Chuck responds with an invitation, and when she asks how he got her a ticket to NYC, he says they don't need them anymore: He's Chuck Bass.

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