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The Year Of Magical Thinking

Dan chases Jenny down and starts in right away. "Please tell me what you're doing here, starting with Dad knows and ending with these drinks are not for me." Jenny laughs and says that she hasn't talked to Rufus all day, and that the drinks are for Nate and Chuck, who are escorting her because they are like her only friends right now. "Chuck's totally harmless, unless this place runs out of ice," Jenny says, having wiped her memory clean of every single traumatic time she didn't get raped. "Does Vanessa know that girl who was hitting on you?" Which is a valid question, but Dan's response -- "why do you go from zero to blackmail in 60 seconds?" -- makes me think we're supposed to be seeing Jenny's doom coming down the pike. "Dan, it was actually a question?" Great answer, delivered beautifully, but I wonder. Because of all the times she's done that creepy scary shit, this was the least creepy and the most awkwardly pointed-out, so probably this time the story means that it wasn't "actually" a question, but in fact Dan twigging to the monster his sister has become, or something.

Will's position is that treatment should continue, what with there being no other options. Rufus digs his heels in and says no. Not "offers another helpful suggestion," not "lists viable alternatives," not "points out that the world is full of doctors": Just "No." No thank you, doctor treating my wife, your services are no longer needed.

Will hands Lily the option of reversing this stance Rufus has made on her behalf -- Will is delightfully subtle and manipulative throughout this entire scene, juggling Rufus with one hand and the ladies in the other -- and Serena jumps right in there to take it. "I think we should stay with Dad. He's already cured Mom once," she says, which is just so fucking Nate Archibald a thing to say! "Dad cured Mom's Illness, and it was never to be seen again. For a year." Plus, he's family. Lily tries to explain that Serena is right and that, basically, Will is also Rufus's family now, and Rufus hisses and snorts and gives in. Will smoothly reinforces it: "We'll get started first thing tomorrow. And like Rufus says, we're all in this together." Genius. And evil. That's when I knew he was evil. Nobody's that smooth on this show.

Serena calls Nate and immediately throws a hissy fit that he's at a party -- "Chuck wants us to do shots!" Jenny shouts in the background -- instead of, I guess, pining and waiting around for her to explain herself like he usually is. She throws on top of this unreasonable pissiness that also she knows Jenny slept over, and because it's Nate he doesn't immediately nip this shit in the bud, so Serena gets to hang up after yelling at him for basically no reason at all. Poor Nate is no good at these things.

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