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All The Boys Think She's A Spy
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"To be a good actor or actress or anything else in the theatre means wanting to be that more than anything else in the world... It means concentration of desire or ambition, and sacrifice such as no other profession demands. And I'll agree that the man or woman who accepts those terms can't be ordinary, can't be just someone. To give so much for almost always so little."

"...So little, did you say? Why, if there's nothing else, there's applause."

After the opener, there's not the usual city opening or Gossip Girl voiceover. Instead, we open up like a flower on a sepia dream sequence: The beginning of All About Eve, which is where this episode gets a lot of subtext and a surprisingly small amount of the actual text. In the movie, we're flashing forward to the presentation of the Sarah Siddons memorial award for tragic actresses: She was known particularly for her Lady Macbeth.

Josh Ellis, whom we'll meet in a moment, holds the award aloft in a tux, before an old-timey audience: "...But what truly defines tonight's honored guest is not something that can be easily categorized..." The audio fades for a postmodern wink: a man's voice, telling us snarkily, The distinguished-looking gentleman at the podium is an alumnus of the university. He will go on speaking for a long time. It is not important that you hear what he says...

The theory goes that, counter to our own senses, you're never dreaming about anybody else: It's all parts of us. (That's also, incidentally, why you're doomed to failure trying to apply Oz rules to Where The Wild Things Are: Dreams happen a lot closer to home.) Blair looks amazing, of course, with Bette Davis Eyes; she's sitting next to Chuck, who looks amazing as well. In the olden days everybody looked great. She's getting nervous: "...In closing, those of us at the university who have had the pleasure of getting to know tonight's recipient know that she is a kind and gentle soul..."

That's not her; she knows that's not her. She dropped that one a long time ago. She had to. Chuck asks her if she's okay; she always swears she is. She has to. "...Her humility, her devotion, her love for us..." Blair prepares her sweetest smile, just in time for Ellis to introduce the winner: "...Miss Vanessa Abrams." Vanessa looks amazing. It's a nightmare. She spares Blair a tight little smile before giving everybody a little curtsey, brandishing the award for excellence as Blair begins to scream.

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