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All The Boys Think She's A Spy

"But not you! I don't feel that way about you. And I won't ever do it again, I promise." He still can't even look at her. She stares at him, with tears in her eyes, apologizing desperately. Maybe you have to be a certain kind of asshole for this to be so hard to watch, but it's rough. Like if she doesn't fix this ugly thing she made, Chuck will disappear forever. "It was a mistake..." Chuck, barely audible now, tells her he's in a meeting. He nods when she offers to call later, and shuts the door on her. The "Home" song starts again, there on the threshold. He stares into his empty apartment -- no meeting -- and she stands on the mat, looking lost outside his door.

Home, let me come home
Home is wherever I'm with you

Meanwhile, Vanessa's at the Bleecker with two coffees and two croissants, ready to beg; she calls Gabriela, but Gabriela's already on the road. Her shoulders bend lower and lower, and she starts sobbing before she can hang up. "Yeah, it's such a long drive, and I wanted to get an early start... And I can't leave your dad alone too long!" She tells her daughter she loves her, and gets off the phone, and Vanessa cries to herself.

Home, let me come home

Rufus and Olivia chat, while Lily tells Jenny something hilarious. Serena comes running in from Blair's, dressed like a hooker or something, and throws her arms around her mother, desperately sad about Carter. Chuck stands in his house, alone, while Carter gets into a towncar, headed away.

Home, let me come home

Blair enters the Bleecker looking fucked up, and stares at Vanessa for a moment before Vanessa points at Gabriela's croissant. "You want it?" Not the carbs, but the chair; the table. To share. She sits, with a grateful smile, and they both stare into space, miserable together. Orphans, together.

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