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Not for nothing does this episode contain a hundred callbacks to "Age Of Dissonance", which I've already said is the best episode this side of "The Freshman." So Dan kisses Olivia for agreeing to come to the dinner, and "Home" by Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros starts. It's that sort of She & Him, Moldy Peaches bullshitty fake-cornpone fake-folk I usually hate, but the horns are pretty intense and they leave out the really irritating part of the song, plus it comes back in the last act which you know I always love, so it's good. And the sentiment -- "Home, let me come home/ Home is wherever I'm with you" -- provides such a good antidote to the Daisy/Poker theme that I can't help but love it. "It's 11:46," the watch screams: "Your teeth shine like diamonds!" They kiss more; they agree it's true.

The song continues as Vanessa leaves a voicemail for Arlo and Gabriela Abrams -- "Pay it forward," Gabriela irritatingly says -- asking them to ignore their hatred of NYU and come to the toast she's giving. "It's kind of a big honor. And it would mean so, so much to me if you came, so... I hope you can." Gossip Girl cautions V against sending those invites just yet, but Vanessa's on fire. Out of all of them, besides maybe Nate, she's spent the most time trying to create a home. This would put a lot of pieces in place.

Her conversation fades into Blair, as GG chuckles that another girl has her eyes on the prize: "Montesquieu, Churchill, Hobbes," Blair buzzes, dropping heavy tomes into Amalia and Sophie's laps: "I'm thinking my toast should touch on... Tradition, virtue. The divine right of the monarchy..." Amalia reminds her that Vanessa's giving the toast, and Blair drops more books: "Not when I'm done. Mao, Sun Tzu of course... Napoleon's always good for a few zingers..."

"Outside of a beehive, Margo, your behavior would hardly be considered either queenly or motherly."

"You're in a beehive, pal. Didn't you know? We're all busy little bees, full of stings, making honey day and night. Aren't we, honey?"

Josh Ellis and his massive case of gayface are overjoyed to hear that Olivia's boyfriend has convinced her to come to the dinner -- that way, she can give the toast after all. "Yes, there was another girl, but we hadn't fully committed to her. We definitely want you." Olivia thanks him and hangs up, just as Dan's bringing her a triple ristretto, from a cart, and she tells him she's just planning a surprise.

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