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Sale Of The Century

Lily: "This tiny wedding reminds me of our tiny wedding."
Rufus: "And how we have a child that we don't ever talk about?"
Lily: "I am too drunk to think about that."
(Georgina puts on a porcelain half-mask and runs around the place in a cape and garters, playing scary music on the organ and lighting small fires.)
Rufus: "Wait, was that Georgina?"
Lily: "I am also too drunk to think about that."


Husband: "Georgina, I feel like you're doing something super crazy."
Georgina: "Just because I'm in my underwear attempting to seduce the Prince of Monaco at his own wedding for absolutely no reason?"


Louis: "Dan, I think it's so great that you are in love with Serena."
Dan: "Have we even met?"
Louis: "Yes. We are best friends."
Dan: "I don't think that word means what you think it means."
Louis: "In my language 'friend' means somebody you constantly find your fiancée running around with in questionable circumstances that cause you to go reliably butt-crazy insane every week."
Dan: "Oh, then yes."
Louis: "Now if you'll excuse me, they're saying my sister is upstairs in her underwear."


Georgina: "Louis, let's do this."
Louis: "I really have no idea what is going on, most of the time."
Lily: "Me neither! Georgina, get the hell on up out of this piece."
Georgina: "How about you spend the rest of this episode chasing me around and show up at the end of every scene talking about how you are there to stop me from doing whatever I'm doing?"
Lily: "Put on your clothes and start running. I'll just stand here until you get away."


Eleanor: "Sweetie, I've brought your abusive boyfriend here to sabotage your wedding."
Blair: "I totally get where you're coming from on that one. Chuck, how can I help you?"
Chuck: "You know how we always have the same conversation every time about how we're in love with each other or something, but can't ever be together for some ridiculous reason or another?"
Blair: "But not always where Georgina can film it and upload it to Gossip Girl."
(They are totally in gross love some more.)
Serena: "Chuck, what are you doing here?"
Chuck: "Just having that one same conversation, what's it to you?"
Georgina: "Nobody can tell that I am recording this conversation even though I'm standing right here taping it! Even for this show where people constantly listen to each other's conversations from feet away, I am pushing it."
Lily: "Georgina! I have almost caught you! Better keep running from room to room!"
Georgina: "Chuck, here is that video of you and Blair together. Do what comes naturally."
Chuck: "There is not a person on Earth who could possibly guess my motives at this point."

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