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How Could You Use Our Poor Nate So?

Chuck goes looking everywhere for Blair, eventually finding her upstairs in her gorgeous gown, kissing Nate at the top of the stairs. He stands still on the steps, in his tux, watching. Blair murmurs into his chest how sexy it was, when he punched Carter, that she's never seen anything like that before, and Nate catches Chuck's eyes as she pushes him back into a suite, and grins at him so sweetly, so proud and innocent and complicit, and winks at him. Because Chuck just got him his girlfriend back, like a true friend, and wouldn't a true friend be happy for him? Wouldn't he stand upon the stair, and watch the two people he loved most in the world going off to be together, leaving him out of it, stuck on the stairs in his tuxedo, alone? "Spotted: Chuck Bass losing something no one knew he had to begin with. His heart."

Bonus show! Again! Jenny enters the gallery, where her mother is standing all alone on one foot like a bony old photograph. Jenny tries to apologize, but apparently fixing that rip in Blair's dress took just enough time that she missed the opening altogether. Meanwhile, Lily and Cece have been on a mad treasure hunt going from borough to borough starting trouble and making messes and ordering people to go to cotillion or not go to cotillion, in the time that it took Jenny to fix the dress and Blair to have like one third of a dance. I love this show so, so much. Alison gives a pretty good speech: "I accept your apology, but it doesn't really make it okay. Sweetie. Honey, as you get older, every choice that you make defines who you're gonna turn into. So rather than apologize to me, you need to look at yourself and ask if you like the person you're becoming." She caresses Jenny's hair and leaves, and Jenny feels bad. And I don't disagree with the content of what she's saying, but it's like, Little J seems to have a pretty good idea of the kind of person she wants to be, and she seems to be getting there at a rapid constant rate, and most of that has to do with the fact that Blair Waldorf is still a more dependable source of maternal affection than your skinny ass, even though she spends most of the time swearing blood vendetta on Jenny's head. So think about that, Bancroft-fucker, and get back to me. Whenever you feel like it, apparently. I'm just not sold on why and how Alison's feelings signify, so hurting them or not hurting them doesn't seem to me to be particularly character-defining as yet. My rule is, your parents decide not to parent? They're not your parents anymore. Parenthood is a privilege, not a right.

Even though they're grounded from each other, because another one of Alison's notions we all need to go along with is her marriage, Rufus calls Lily's phone. She's standing at the top of a stair, looking down at the crowd as it leaves; Rufus tells her about Cece's visit and Lily admits that once, long ago, she did receive an offer she couldn't refuse. "I wasn't strong enough then," she says, wonderfully, and tells him he never would have understood, back then. "But if I had known you hadn't actually left me for him, I..." She begs him not to say it. She laughs, and tells him not to think it. "I can't help myself. I never should have let you...let me go." He hangs up and they both feel weird, but down on the floor, there's Dan and Serena, kissing sweetly, and she smiles. Dan picks her up in his arms, and Serena looks up at her mother, and Lily nods her approval, and everything is perfect for a second. She watches him spin her daughter around, and they kiss and clasp hands, and run out into the city together.

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