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Everything Was Beautiful & Nothing Hurt

Serena stomps around her gala, glad-handing cameos and making references to current events and occasions. She is the star of the show!

Barry Watson: "I'm so glad to be here!"
Serena: "Don't even worry about it!"

Georgina looks, among everybody looking great, particularly great. Like the queen of the underworld.

Dan: "Georgina, why are we here at this gala?"
Georgina: "I am in the throes of a force-ten freakout is why! Let's harass all the publishing luminaries at this event!"
Dan: "But we are both famously not welcome here."
Georgina: "Did not having a formal invite ever stop Norman Mailer from showing up?"
Dan: "But what about my integrity?"
Georgina: "This roof is pretty high up, Humphrey. Let's cool it with the obnoxious integrity talk. My heightened emotional state could easily go the other way with very little warning."

Nate, verbatim: "So the Spectator is exploring all kinds of new demographics..."
Serena: "Excuse me, I need Nate for a minute."
Head of Media for Johnson & Johnson: "That's okay, he was talking bollocks anyway."
Serena: "Didn't you break up with Sage?"
Nate: "Yeah, you were sitting right there on the random bench. And PS, didn't you also break up with Steven only to make out with him at this fundraiser?"
Serena: "I'm not going to fight with him until after this Gala. Or ever, if he buys me something."
Nate: "Another thing we've always had in common is our attention sp"


Minions: "We made four of Poppy's models take a hansom cab to the duck pond!"
Blair: "But there should be six! That means two of her models might make it to the party wearing her outfits. It only takes one photograph, quote, to eclipse my line forever!"
Chuck: "Blair, I'm here to help you with anything you need."
Blair: "I didn't send you that text message."
Chuck: "It must have come from my father, who is apparently Neo and can do that."

Nate thinks he's fighting with Sage about her much older boyfriend, but she thinks they're fighting because she didn't let on how old she is when she first approached him for some of that wholesome, appropriate, mid-workday boss-intern sex. Even though they've been fighting about this for much of the episode, it's not getting cleared up yet because A) It's the main arc of the entire episode and B) Nate is stupid pretty/pretty stupid. This is how that gets wrapped up:

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