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Everything Was Beautiful & Nothing Hurt

Sage: "Just pretend you don't know or care about it!"
Nate: "But I can't!"
Sage: "But what if you could?"
Nate: (Somehow this convinces him to make out with her.)

Nelly Yuki: "Dan Humphrey, I love and have always loved you. Before and after I attended Yale. I hate to see you at this party, because it means you have acquiesced. The flame of that horrible Generation X self-righteousness down in your taint, has it been blown out forever?"
Dan: "Not for Nate Archibald's lack of trying. But no! I am not Chuck Klosterman, nor was meant to be. I'm just observing. Like Nick Caraway, or..."
Nelly Yuki: "You're not Nick, you're Gatsby. I learned about this at Yale. Do you really have no idea how pathetic you are?"
Dan: "It's a Humphrey tradition."

Nelly Yuki: "When I was at Yale, I met other people who went to Yale. I realized that smart people who are losers will always be losers, even if they go to Yale."
Dan: "We're not losers, Nelly Yuki."
Nelly Yuki: "Yes I am. Yes, you are. No matter how many times you write Inside it will never come true. Accept it, and you can actually start competing."
Dan: "But they already have anything."
Nelly Yuki: "We have the truth! Stop playing by their rules, and make your own!"
Dan: "Glib and content-free, yet strangely rousing. Like a Republican stump speech."
Nelly Yuki: "Actually I read it on a package of slimming contour garments endorsed by a Real Housewife. I remember the day well, I'd just learned I was going to graduate early from college. From Yale, my alma mater."

Georgina: "Dan, let's go talk about screwing Nate over and jumping to Vanity Fair."
Dan: "Anything to get out of thi... I mean, nice talking to you, whatever your name is."
Blair, verbatim: "Nelly Yuki, don't you look ethereal in this garden of earthly delights!"
Nelly Yuki: "Um, what?"
Blair: "Nelly Yuki, I am clearly drunk!"
Nelly Yuki: "It's so weird being around so many people who seem to have so little idea of what words mean. After all that time I spent graduating early from Yale, I mean."


Chuck: "Amira!"
Bart: "First of all, that's cute that you use your mom's birthday as your combo, just like I did at PRADA. Second of all, how funny that you didn't even ask for context before running off to save Blair, despite each episode's continued protestations that you two are past that particular codependence I came back from the dead multiple times to bitch at you about..."

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