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All You Need Is Kill

Nate eludes Serena by stepping behind a glass door that opens in, so she can't get to him, and he apologizes for flaking all day, but only after she apologizes for her pretending not to care about his birthday. He finally cracks and says that "something really messed up happened" to Jenny last week, and S -- where have you been? -- asks why Little J would come to him about that. Um, because that's what she does every time? He spazzes out Nate style and goes, "Only because I was involved!" Which is hilarious, as she appropriately responds, "Well, that's not making me feel any better?" He tells her about the drugging and near-raping, and S is of course devastated, even though she herself has been roofied more times than we can count and usually takes it in stride -- although not as in stride as Jenny, because nobody ever would besides her -- and Nate assures her that Jenny is fine, except for this malingering PTSD that... Only shows up when he wants to spend time with his hot girlfriend. Still not connecting those dots.

Of course S plays right into his Prince Charming narrative about how he's a sterling solid big brother-friend -- Awesome: "Can I kiss you before I kill you?" -- and then Jenny shows up to push the metaphor once again, snatching the photo off Serena's back (which I wondered about all episode and eventually assumed was just because the breasts' power might be diminished that close to Polaroid technology, like how Superboy had to keep his Kryptonite in a lead-lined box) and goes, "Gotcha! Watch your back!" I love how every line from or near Jenny is a double entendre, with either the show commenting on her ("Poor Nate!") or using Jenny to comment on the episode. She's always been a liminal and a mirroring figure, and especially in this episode she's just used brilliantly in both ways, while still maintaining what is a powerful crazy all her own.

"Looks like it's just you and Nate left," S sighs, fears allayed, and Jenny speaks the truth once again: "I'm on it." Which again is beautiful not just for those reasons, but because that means that Serena was winning the game until Jenny got to her, because think about it: This is a game Serena would excel at. (Especially since B's not around.) Finding, hunting, owning, surprising. Playing the blonde as long as she had to; smiling as though she's forgotten the knife behind her back, actually forgetting it until necessary. But by usurping her role as the Serena, in this game and hopefully in Nate's pants, Jenny has also narrowed the field to two -- without doing any of the work. Classic Serena, classic Jenny. Classic Nate. As we say: Why would you even visit Serena World if you're not going to have fun and be awesome all the time? Only to end the world.

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