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The Muses Of Montparnasse


Serena: "Once you're divorced, you'll be free of the world's attention!"
Blair: "I certainly don't enjoy getting attention."
Serena: "Me neither! I see we are on the same page."

Blair: "I wonder, though. It is your destiny to be gossip-worthy. Why, tonight you'll be modeling lingerie named after you at Kiki de Montparnasse!"
Serena: "Flashing my boobs isn't about getting attention."
Blair: "Then what on earth is it about?"
Serena: "The important thing is that soon you will be irrelevant."
Blair: "That gives me pause."

Serena: "It gives me pause as well, now that I'm saying it aloud."
Blair: "Well, while I'm refusing to sign my divorce papers, you should set Lola up as the new It Girl."
Serena: "What a great idea! There's no way that can backfire or cause me to act a mess."
Blair: "It's so fun to make good choices with you."


Lola: "So yeah, I'm stonewalling my family for no reason. What's going on with you?"
Aidan: "I'm content to just let you exposit at me while I consider matriculating at Juilliard when I graduate high school in a couple years."

Nate: "Small world! Who's your gay friend, Lola?"
Aidan: "I was just about to ask the same thing."
Nate: "We're both very pretty, with prominent eyebrows. I'm sure I have nothing to worry about. Well, I'm off to meet with our new investor that I barely know."

Aidan: "Let's look her up on the Internet to make sure he's not lying."
Lola: "The Interwhut?"


Dan: "So I thought for our first official public date, we could do a series of insufferable things."
Blair: "Turns out the royal seal is not on our paperwork, so I'm not quite divorced yet. Also, I suddenly have to leave."

Dan: "Dorota, you and I both know Blair isn't trustworthy. Show me that paperwork."
Dorota: "No."
Dan: "Please?"
Dorota: "Well, okay."
Dan: "But the royal seal is right here! Next to where Blair still hasn't signed this paperwork. I'd better make more of Blair's choices for her."


Nate: "Diana! Why are you redecorating my office?"
Diana: "Something to do until my Cartoonish Villainry tailors finish that coat made of puppies."

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