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The Muses Of Montparnasse

Nate: "But now I'll never find my backbone!"


Serena's circling possible new It Girls when Lola arrives; S is very cute with her because she has come up with a horrible plan to make Lola seem slutty, since that's how she gets so much attention.

Lola: "I think Nate is lying to me about things."
Serena: "I don't really care about that very much."

Gossip Girl: "Get ready, Lola! Whatever Serena wants, Lola's gonna get."

I just wanted to document the fact that Gossip Girl said a thing that made sense.


Nate: "But this is my media concern!"
Diana: "I am here to increase advertising revenue. And to control your whole life. And to say, 'Down To Your Skivvies Party at Kiki De Montparnasse' in my accent."
Nate: "I am going to that party! With my girlfriend, Charlie Rhodes!"
Diana: "Wow, still?"
Nate: "No, a different one. It's a long story that I don't completely understand, to be honest."
Diana: "This kind of shit is why I am in love with you."


Rufus: "Quite a day I have had!"
Lily: "Me too. I've been drinking since we moved here."
Rufus: "I stuck my nose in where it doesn't belong, and offered to undo the last few episodes. I told Ivy we will give her back her money if she gives us back her house."
Lily: "One thing I won't be doing is letting you in on the fact that I have no way of freezing or unfreezing Ivy's money. In the long run, it won't matter, but the less you understand about basic shit, the more likely I can control you with money."
Rufus: "Okay, call Secretary of the Treasury Tim Geithner, or whoever, on this phone and unfreeze her accounts while I leave the room."
Lily: "I will totally do that when you leave the room."


PI: "Chuck Bass, Elizabeth Fischer is in Vienna. I haven't talked to her yet, but I can't imagine how fucking weird her accent probably is by now."
Chuck: "She's a schizophrenic fugitive who was brainwashed by my rapist uncle, so probably she would want to be found. Right?"
PI: "I'm not your friend, bro. I am a private investigator."
Chuck: "I'm going to stare out this window that I broke one time. I have so much to atone for. To this window."
PI: "If there's nothing else..."

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