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Chuck: "I just wish I could make Blair be a part of this storyline for no real reason."
PI: "Like you paid off what we're still calling her dowry, for no reason? Even though she specifically told you not to?"


Lola: "Is it weird that Nate lied to me again and I checked up on him again and I'm going off half-cocked again without asking him about it?"
Serena: "I literally could not care less about anything you just said. Put on this underwear."
Lola: "I can't afford this underwear, and you know you can't try on und..."
Serena: "It's ours! Rich people get the most free stuff."
Lola: "I hate goddamn rich people. But I will wear this free underwear."

Serena's Plan: Wait until Lola is wearing the underwear, then pull a fire alarm. (I am not kidding about this.) Rush Lola out the door and into the street in her underwear.

The end. That is the whole plan.


Dan: "Prepare to get Humphreyed harder than you ever were before. I am going to angst so hard about this paperwork your eyes will cross."
Diana: "Nathaniel, please tell your whining friend to leave. You're at work."
Dan: "Seriously in the entire world this is the only person who you'd take money from? What about anybody else on this show? What about Chuck?"
Nate: "No, he wasn't liquid enough after paying off what we're still calling Blair's dowr... Uh oh."
Dan: "You have just made my entire week by telling me that. To the Guiltmobile!"


Dorota: "Blair you lie to Mr. Lonelyboy and no sign thing!"
Blair: "I just need like one second to get over the fact that I was a painfully literal princess for a second."
Chuck, appearing from thin air: "Or is this all about me?"
Blair: "...No? Well, maybe."


Lola: "I can't believe the entire UES saw me in my underwear!"
Serena: "Jesus, girl. You still don't understand the Internet, do you?"
Lola: "I can't believe the entire UES saw the Internet!"
Serena: "No, it's... Whatever. The important thing is that now you will be famous. Like me."
Lola: "I don't want to be famous like you, though. Hasn't it totally ruined your life every week for the last five years?"
Serena: "You see my motivation, then."

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