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The Muses Of Montparnasse

Kiki: "Even though my entire job is about looking at girls in their underwear, there is something about your cousin in her underwear. I demand that she model with you in the underwear show!"
Serena: "And so it begins."
Lola: "So let me get this straight. You're now going to trick me twice into being in my underwear on the Internet?"
Serena: "Yes. It will make Nate fall back in love with you."
Lola: "That does have an irrefutable logic to it. I'm in!"

Diana: "Dear Gossip Girl, please blast that I am going to the party with Nate."
Serena: "Done. Hey Lola, sorry about my timing, but do you know what Gossip Girl is yet? Have you come to understand what it is that we do on this show?"
Lola: "Explain it again, just in case."


Pensive music, wonderful acting, absurd situation? Must be Chairtime: Time For A Chair.

Chuck: "Remember my last suicide attempt?"
Blair: "Right, fake mom. Go on."
Chuck: "I want to pick that scab some more and, since I'm picking scabs anyway, I thought you could come along for the ride."
Blair: "Pretty sure this is about how you're in love with me and everybody is in love with me and it makes me cry all the time because everybody's so in love with me."
Chuck: "What would make you say that?"
Blair: "Have you seen this show?"
Chuck: "Okay, that's fair. I can't say I'm entirely without agenda here. That's not entirely unrealistic or, frankly, all that awful of me."
Blair: "I win! On an inscrutable point that makes you even more depressed."

Serena: "Hey, bro! What are you doing in my house?"
Chuck: "I just desperately need a friend while I'm going through my most basic spiritual wound that informs everything about me, from my sexual addiction to my barely sublimated hatred of women to my frequent bouts of paralyzing depression."
Serena: "Good luck with that! I'm off to whore out my innocent cousin or I would listen to the words you are saying."


Lola: "...Well, because you lied to me -- again -- for starters."
Nate: "I don't know what GG's plan is, but I am not secretly dating Cougartown over there. Those days are over."
Lola: "But I want to make a huge deal out of it!"
Nate: "I already got in trouble once today for hanging out with my little friends."

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