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The Muses Of Montparnasse

Lola: "Fine. Have fun at that party I'm secretly modeling at! To punish you for not being upfront with me!"

Vanessa Abrams, Goddess of Hypocrisy: "Once again, you bite my moves. Well played."


Dan: "GG says Chuck just left your apartment, and I think I know why. It's because he paid what we're still calling your dowry! I will never trust you!"
Blair: "Well, I didn't know any of that, but thanks for the info. You may have just well and truly Humphreyed yourself in your own Humphole."
Dan: "Good thing my self-righteousness is unrelated to reality, or I'd feel really weird about myself right now... Oh wait, I do. I'm growing and changing!"


Rufus: "Lily, Ivy's lawyer just called! Apparently Tim Geithner tricked her into moving out of PRADA, but with no money, so now she can't get back into PRADA for ... some reason ... and is also destitute."
Lily: "I am very good at what I do, my friend."


Diana: "Check out this new thing I'm doing called 'humility' where I treat you like a human being."
Nate: "Check out this cold sore on my face that interferes with my powers of speech and also everybody's powers of paying the slightest attention during this scene."


Lola: "It's a wash. He says nothing's going on with Diana, but also won't bring me to the party!"
Serena: "Guess it's just me and the underwear now."
Lola: "Fine. And I'm bringing Aidan. Diana better watch out for me!"
Serena: "Underwear party!"

GG: "When Lola becomes the new It Girl, Serena is going to shit."
Serena: "Very insightful, Serena who just said that."
GG: "No, I'm the Kristen Bell voiceover one that's extradiegetic, not the character within the show who is also voiced by Kristen Bell even when it's you or Georgina."
Serena: "Unnnnnnnderwear party!"


Aidan: "I've never been to a party like this in Florida! We don't even have underwear there, just full Brazilians and daddy issues."
Serena: "Well done being adorable, little boy! Anyway, once Nate sees you with his even gayer doppelganger, he will dump that woman he's not dating for sure."
Lola: "Sure, that makes sense. Now, where is the underwear?"
Serena: "As long as you understand that this underwear is magic, and putting it on will make you New York's new It Girl. Or a Mormon."

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