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It's pretty amazing, watching Diana's sexual takedown of young Aidan, and pretty amazing to see Nate and Lola videotaping the whole thing. Surely something will happen to fuck this up...

Serena: "Here I am! I can't wait to make this all about me somehow."
Lola: "It's not actually about you, though."
Serena: "If it weren't for me, you wouldn't even know what underwear is."
Lola: "True, but not hugely material to what's going on here."
Serena: "I am going to stomp around so bad!"
Nate: "Go calm her down. She's liable to stampede."

Diana: "Nate, I can't believe you filmed me doing it, and now you're going to blackmail me about that! Or even exactly how that will work!"
Nate: "Aidan is twelve years old, by the way."
Diana: "Oh, okay. So you are in possession of child pornography, then?"
Nate: "...Right. I may have just surpassed Serena's Serena Plans in dumbness."
Diana: "See you at work tomorrow!"


Everybody is skeevy and slow-motion and it's weird. Next underwear party, count me out.


Dan: "Are you okay?"
Blair: "I'm used to you second-guessing the women in your life. What really threw me is that Chuck keeps doing nice things for nice reasons. I will just never comprehend that. Apparently."
Dan: "Okay so if it wasn't about Chuck, then why didn't you sign that paperwork?"
Blair: "Because I won't be a princess anymore? Duh."


Lola: "Sorry I burned you. In whatever way you're making a fuss about."
Serena: "What I don't understand is why you would come to this party with me, where your boyfriend also was."
Lola: "...Really?"

Lola: "Okay, that WTF face is pretty amazing. But on the real, I don't want to replace you as the It Girl."
Serena: "All you ever do is let me down! By doing things that make sense and then explaining how I am irrelevant to them!"
Lola: "Serena! I. Don't. Really. Like. You."
Serena: "I just don't understand what you're saying!"

Kiki Employee: "Couple quick changes. We're renaming the 'Serena' to the 'Lola,' so she'll be modeling that one. Serena, you will wear this underwear made out of living insects and a compost pile."
Serena: "The hell I will."

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