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Jenny bings "cancer" and somehow discovers a problem with Lily's meds, so she calls Chuck. It's cool how she's embarrassed about the thieving/dealing: "It's kind of a long story how I know this" being code for, "I used to root through our stepmother's cabinets for pills before we realized she had Illness," but whatever, they'll explain it all eventually. I'm just happy to like Jenny again.

"Elliot's the perfect mix of smart and fun. He speaks three languages, but he has a subscription to People magazine." (And somehow nobody knows he's gay!) Also, I love that Eric's great breakdown is "smart" people v. "fun" people. I was going to say that's a false dichotomy, but then I realized that's how you get Blair v. Serena, and a perfect mix of those two is precisely the guy I would want to date. Serena brings Will over for hot chocolate, and Eric -- thanks to the first date bribe -- gives permission, and the four of them, all four of those van der Woodsens, sit down and drink hot chocolate by the fire for their first time, ever. Pretty good feeling. And if it involves answering Rufus's call with the lie that Lily's in bed, well, that's a pretty good feeling too. XOXO.

Why does Gossip Girl actually care about parents and a family that lives in Brooklyn? We're still baffled too.

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