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Dan hooked back up with Serena, for possibly nefarious reasons. Bart Bass and Ivy Dickens both had long-term schemes going on that don't make a lot of sense, but they collided in a way that took Ivy off the board, so now it's all-Bart, all the time. Which is too bad, because Lily sided with him against Chuck, sending him into a depression the likes of which we haven't seen since he was Hamletting himself off roofs.


Dan and Serena just live in that bed now, feeding Serena all the food in the house as she slowly slips down into Liz Lemon hypothermia on a cloud of bubbly bubbles.

Serena: "Thanksgiving!"

I miss my past for you, for you
What's the difference if it's all for you, for you
If I'm just throwing away myself for you

Serena: "A parade!"


Nate suffers, ignoring Monkey as he cries outside Chuck's door; Chuck opens a bottle of bourbon with just one thumb and drinks it with just one open eye. Obviously, only Nate Archibald has the wherewithal to get everybody out of this situation alive.

Think about that statement.


Rufus has put on a rose-embroidered rockabilly shirt, as is the custom in Brooklyn, and is sipping Cup-A-Soup or some sad shit while remembering how one time he played a show with Lisa Loeb.

He turns the radio on. He turns the radio up.


Blair, verbatim: "Dorota, did you remember my noise-canceling headphones and my Bottega eye mask? Flying alone on the holidays is like Chatroulette."

Nice. And it sets the tone for the episode, in which -- Ghost Of Thanksgiving Past-like -- our Blair actually visits, for the first time in years, and stays for the remainder. (And while I'm giving props, I can't believe I completely forgot the Five Family stuff from Jenny's last real year. So much shit happened in that episode! And I forgot it all!)

Dorota: "Don't you try and go to Paris to visit your many parents every year? And something always happens?"
Blair: "Yes, but that 'something' is always I Am Crazy. So I've reversing the causal flow. I will leave before I go crazy, and then I won't go crazy. It is going to be awesome. I won't meddle with Serena's life like always, and it'll give Chuck time to get his brood on without me getting freaked out about it."

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