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You're More Than In My Head

And speaking of characters finally being used correctly again: It's Georgina that gives him the push. Man is born unto trouble, as the sparks fly upward. Remember?

Lonelyboy: "Daphne? I've decided which version I want you to publish."

Dan was a fever once, too. And every fever breaks.


Blair: "Lily, are you enjoying those toasted almonds? I sure hope so. Especially after that horrible murder on your husband's boat."
Lily: "The what now?"
Blair: "Yeah, Bruce Caplan? Just fell right over the side, and nobody saved him. Weird that Bart didn't mention it. You know?"

Serena: "I just remembered you're gluten free. Which of course you are."
Steven: "I'm used to watching other people eat, it's fine. Listen, do you want to leave Dan for me?"
Serena: "Leave Dan? Why would he? He hasn't done anything horrible to me lately, just everybody else I know."
Steven: "Yeah, but isn't he basically an Upper East Sider at this point?"
Serena: "His neurosis won't let him believe that, so I won't either."
Steven: "He's just a rebound from me!"
Serena: "Um, actually you were a rebound from him. Not to mention from a coke addiction, a near-death experience, and almost complete dissociation."
Steven: "So basically you're still a giant whore? Cool, Spence out!"
Serena: "...Sure, whatever. You're old and dumb anyway, and your daughter is a megabitch who dresses like Augra from The Dark Crystal just discovered fuckin' Claire's."


Also awesome today: Sage Spence. I know, right?

Sage, verbatim: "Nate, I came up here to make out, not to watch you and Chuck play Wikileaks."

They finally crack the code, and start going through the files. Lookin' a little desperate -- although let's adjust for the fact that it's Nate Archibald -- old Sage sort of drapes herself across Nate in a variety of ways, to the point where eventually Chuck just shoves them onto the couch so they can make out and he can do the actual activity they are doing. The whole thing is brilliant. She catches Chuck watching, indicates verbally that she's into that, and the childlike joy that breaks like sunrise over Chuck's face is more beautiful than springtime.

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