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You're More Than In My Head

Dan: "This is the kind of stuff Blair does to you ever week."
Serena: "How is that relevant?"

(Uh, you love her more than me, for starters.)


Blair: "Jesus. I don't even feel like gloating. That much."

Charles: "Lily, oh my goodness you look upset. Are you okay? Do you want some water?"
Lily: "Oh, Charles. I forgot how sweet you are..."
Charles: "So you're on my side? You get the truth finally?"
Bart, outta nowhere: "Truth about what?"
Lily, scared: "Oh, um. About how Charles is dead to me. Begone, little motherless boy!"
Cat Power: "The child, he is a sinner..."
Chuck: "Happy Thanksgiving, Lily."

Blair: "On the upside, you know from the rest of us that you'll survive getting Humprey'd."
Serena: "I know. But it's like, fuck everything. I'm even a failure as a hostess."
Blair: "Are you kidding? This was some Season One caliber entertainment. NJBC's in the house, Lily's upstairs getting crunk, Dan's not even tryna cloak his shittiness in superiority, Nate's probably gonna punch somebody in five, four, three..."

Chuck: "I really thought I had a mommy this time. Dammit already."

Nate: "BOOM! That was from all of us."

Before Dan can slink off back to Brooklyn where he fuckin' belongs, Bart slips him his card. "I see in you, as I always have, a much shittier version of Charlie Trout. Come and be my Dark Prince. Shadow me in the ways of being truly sickening. And not in that gay Rufus way."

Georgina: "Hold that motherfucking elevator! The last time I was left alone with this particular crew I ended up freezing my zhopa off in Siberia..."
Dan: "What is it like to be truly hated?"
Georgina: "Try feared. You'll get to like it."


Sometimes at a certain hour of an evening, wherever Bart Bass is goes kinda Silent Hill on ya. The shadows drip down like molasses and pennies go rolling up the wall and strange sounds can be heard issuing from the flames. The voices of the damned, by demons driven. The many murders of Bartholomew Bass, the Hudson Bay Butcher. But sometimes, after drinking a certain amount, that's exactly the ambience you want.

Bart: "May I join you? In these ragged shadows?"
Lily: "Come closer, night."

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