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You're More Than In My Head

Georgina: "I do hate being left out. Gay husband, get me the home address of Graydon Carter's assistant, like would happen in real life."


Serena: "Oh, shit."
Steven: "Serena! I was just deciding to be in love with you again."
Serena: "Okay, well, I was just deciding to be in love with Dan again, so I'ma bounce."
Steven: "Look, I've been thinking, and maybe calling you a whore over and over, instead of asking you to marry me... Maybe there was some middle ground there."


Nate: "Baby, wake up. Wake up, baby. Baby. Baby. BABY, WAKE UP."
Chuck: "No! No! Go away! Leave me to wheeze away my final hours!"
Nate: "Bruce Caplan or whatever his name is, he's dead. Last I saw, he was trying to get me into a foursome with two hookers, and I stole his phone. Cut to, he is now dead. Fell off the Bass yacht, even. So the way I figure it, Bart decided he told us about the Traffic rainbow woman clue. Which to be fair is about a thousand times more likely than the bullshit that actually went down."

Chuck grunts, growls, sighs, curls up, stretches, grumples and grumps. It is about the sexiest he has been in at least two seasons and I am not messing with you when I say that.

Less So: "Even if he did, I promise you he covered his tracks or destroyed the evidence. Or had Lily do it for him. Now get out of my room."

As Nate furrows his brow and returns to his Ultrabook (TM) with Windows 8 (R), which uses Live Tiles (TM) to make sure the information you need most is always available, Blair's downstairs attempting to gain Empire entry, the better to invite Chuck out of his Thanksgiving and into a Bass-free PRADA. But she has been banned. She joins Monkey in a plaintive yowl. The pack needs its master!


Serena: "Anyway, Thanksgiving! It's a holiday."
Spence: "So you've recovered from my misogynist aggression?"
Serena: "Welllll I'm with Dan now, so. More of a lateral move."
Sage: "My dad misses you! I kind of do too. Mom."
Spence: "Yeah, I forgot that Thanksgiving, so my daughter is just going to be eating construction paper turkeys this holiday. My motherless, desperate, thirty-year-old daughter, who dresses like Stockard Channing in Practical Magic."

Sage stares at Serena's turkeys and hams, hungrily. Like an orphan, or her father.

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