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Brooklyn Without Limits, Or: Arendt You Glad You Odile?

"If you are crazy," says the haunting face upon the water, all eyeshadow and dark wisdom, "I'm sure they made you that way. Believe me, I know from firsthand experience."

A snake no thicker than your thumb twists up Jennifer's arm, tasting the electric air. She is nearly manifest; her rage hangs over the apartment like a poison cloud. She leans closer, closer to her crystal ball, hungry for the hurly-burly. The banished, the strong, the terrible. The darkness, waiting. Hungry.

But where takes place this devil's bargain? For Juliet is homeless, without even a cauldron or iPad to call her own. Is there a third weird sister to take the place of our Georgina? We've our young Clotho, our spurned Lachesis, but where to find barren Atropos? Whom shall cut the threads of Serena's life once and for all? What is the spark that lights the flame this time, to raise Dark Serena from the ashes once again? And in what dank cave do those mustachioed and bearded women make their covenant? In DUMBO, of course. And there she is now, our wild Crone: Why, see! Vanessa Abrams. Hair matted and maculate jaw, lip curled and homespun rags. Arcane movements in the smoke. Eldritch curses under her breath. Scissors at the ready.

Next week: Masquerade redux, Shakespeariana, and a little snip-snip.

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