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Jenny, King Of The Pirates

Serena played out her Daisy Miller shit, and Chuck did Wuthering Heights and EF Benson horror, over and over. Blair tried desperately to come up with a working philosophy that didn't depend on cinematic existentialism; Nate did the same thing with fairytales. Dan and Vanessa recapitulated American poetry, from the Beats to Buchowski and even a little self-indulgent Patti Smith. Jenny's story was the absence of story. Rufus and Lily continued to be the only teenagers on the teenager show.

Put it all together -- run those stories into each other at top speed -- and it's just completely over the top, which is exactly what the year after graduation is like. Freshman year of college means every week feels like a month, because you're changing so fast. And then the year you graduate college, you pull the entire bookcase over on your head. This year, we did both. XOXO.

Look back at the juiciest moments from the third season of Gossip Girl.

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