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Always Coming Home


Dan: "Hey, Dad! Listen while I read these preposterous reviews for my book that apparently got released. Your son is the potential voice of his generation, who wrote a searing portrayal of Manhattan's elite with just the right portion of pathos. And so on."
Rufus: "You know what has a surfeit of pathos? Me. The surprise dwarf with a knife that you never saw coming."
Dan: "Howsoever do you mean? I thought I didn't have to apologize to you. I checked you off my list of self-justifications."
Rufus: "You're a beautiful writer, but you have broken my heart."
Dan: "That's good stuff. Would you go on the record? Beautiful writer, but..."

Rufus: "I gave up my career to raise you, and I never regretted it. Not once. Not even when Jenny crapped the bed and started wearing broken glass on her head and ruining gallery openings and setting her shit on fire and dosing people and hanging out with drug dealers and having sex with your brother Chuck and pissing off Tim Gunn and eventually getting shipped to Pretend England so we didn't have to deal with her anymore. Not even then did I regret, one single time, the fact that your wizened harpy of a bitch mother shit the two of you out to keep me away from Lily and all that high-class poon. But today, I am ashamed. Ashamed of you, and of myself. You, for writing the truth about me. And me, for that being the truth about us both."


Jane: "Serena, make friends with Dan Humphrey and get me the movie rights to this book. Scathing satire and white-hot homoeroticism are what it's all about these days, and Momma wants a piece. I don't care what you have to do to get it."
Serena: "It's not like I have a reputation to think about. You're on."
Sam: "I'll be sexily sabotaging you every step of the way!"
Jane: "I'm just glad it finally makes sense why they cast Michael Michelle in this role."


"What many casual readers find difficult to understand on first reading is the way in which each of the characters does double-duty, representing at times different facets of Dylan Hunter himself. As the suspenseful final chapters play out, and each of them is destroyed in different ways through the act of being observed itself, we are left with the diamond-clear vision of Anonymous himself, stripped of all connection and all the approximate meaning of those he held dear throughout the narrative..."

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