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Dressing Up & Dressing Down

Dan: "Wow, that could not be less relevant to my life. Good job ruining my nonexistent relationship with Blair, though."
Georgina: "Whatever gets me those pages! You go get those, and I'm gonna roofie some random teen boys."


Sage: "This Cotillion fucking rocks. Just puttin' that out there."
Nate: "It might be my worst one ever. I miss Carter Baizen so much sometimes."

Yeah? I miss Carter Baizen so much all the time.

Georgina: "Remember when I offered Ivy a job and nothing ever came of it? Same deal with you, Sage. Now gimme back my sex tape phone."
Nate: "Wait, it was you that did that? Oh, we are so broken up just like everybody else on this show."
Sage, verbatim: "Nate! Nate, where are you going? We were in the middle of a dance!"

Haha, stupid Sage. Steven jumps on her out of nowhere, covering up her grownup dress and hustling her home like she's not older than everybody else at this entire thing.


Rufus: "Thank God! All my other 'art gallery' dealers were dry. I'll be right over."
Ivy: "You came up with money out of nowhere? But how will I secretly control you?"
Rufus: "Remember Bex? You better, because the score just started playing a very romantic love-affair fragment that means she's going to suddenly be the person I was meant to be with all along."
Ivy: "Good thing I'm not actually into your old ass, or that would turn my crazy up so fast. At least it's happening organically."

Rufus: "I wonder who the mysterious person is that bought all that 'art gallery' off her. I'll call her and find out. Bex, my once and future lady love, I know what the word 'anonymous' means, but could you tell me where all of my 'art gallery' money is coming from suddenly?"
Bex: "No. But it is Ivy."
Rufus: "That bitch has been holding out on me? Think of all the 'art gallery' we could have been snorting and smoking and injecting between our toes and eyeballs."

Or whatever, I don't know how it works exactly but I know they are doing it.


Serena: "Hoo boy, that Sage. I tell ya."
Blair: "Can it, sister. I'm so sure our fragile peace could survive you fucking Dan just to mess with my head. Just literally for only that reason."
Serena: "I mean, the show seems to have somehow forgotten that I was in love with him the entire time, and you couldn't wait to get back to Chuck, but..."

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