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Rufus and the all-dressed and all-ready Lily step out into the hall. This part is cool. He goes, "And here we go. Are you sure about this?" She grins and tells him to stop asking, or she'll change her mind, and he takes her hand. "I love you, Lily." "I love you, too, Rufus." They smile sweetly at each other, and then hold the tableau just long enough that you really think they're going to run off, and then everything changes. Brilliantly done: "And have a great wedding and try not to trip or anything!" says Rufus, and she laughs at him. "I can't believe you put that in my mind. ...Well, luckily I have done this before." He laughs and they make arch faces at each other, and he doesn't let go of her hand until the very last second, and neither does she, and then she goes down to her wedding.

Blair is horrified, in the seats, that Vanessa is only now finding her seat. Which is to say, she only finds a reason to be horrified once she sees Nate hugging her. The old queen next to her gives her this look like, "Girl, quit. I love weddings." Which is basically like saying, "Nothing sparkles quite like a WHITES ONLY drinking fountain," but YMMV.

Sad Serena leads the walk up the aisle in her hideous dress; Lily follows, perfect as usual; Eric is still sad; Bart is happy but stoic and scary looking, of course. Chuck squeezes his arm awesomely. The reverend starts to talk, and GG speaks along with him for a while before taking an awesome left turn: "Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today in the face of this company to watch this man..." (Lonelyboy) "...And this woman... Totally eff things up. Excuse me while I pull out a hankie and pass it to S and D. Looks like I'm not the only one who cries at weddings..." S looks dead on her feet.

Later, Lily is bored as hell at the reception, while S picks at her food at another table. Dan teases her about not eating and being morose and weird just because he cheated on her last night, and asks if they can "talk" some more. She scoots with a quickness, which is exactly what she should do. Frankly, she should get on a plane and not come back until this creepy desire of his subsides.

The waiter guy approaches Chuck at Bart and Lily's table and whispers in his ear. Chuck sighs heavily and heads over to Nate's table. "I need to talk to you," he says, and Nate ignores him basically, and when Vanessa asks if things are okay, Nate says yes but Chuck says no, and hustles him away. "Before the ceremony, I saw him with a guy doing a deal. It looked like drugs." Nate bitches at Chuck for spying and lying, and Chuck looks him dead in the eye: "I know you hate me. I was in love with Blair, and I'm sorry. We do not have time to argue about this." Nate searches his face, realizes he's telling the truth and freaking out both at once, makes a scary mean face at Chuck that is also a fairly hilarious impression of how Chuck's face actually looks, and they leave. Chuck follows him, and Vanessa just sits there like, "Okay, I'll just be sitting here feeling ill-at-ease and alone while you guys go do secret stuff and come back looking guilty." Get used to it, sister.

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