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("When the flows under our feet bled into the sea / And nothing was left for you and me...") He pushes them out onto the floor for photo ops, demanded by the bride and groom, and won't take no for an answer. There's a truly, truly horrible series of flashes as they both wig out, I mean it's really awkward and demeaning, and they're staring into the flash bulbs as they go, and the guy's like, "You're gonna want to remember this night (flash!) forever, yeah?" He pushes Dan into her arms and they start to dance. This is like Hostel! It's so awful! What a great scene! Dan quietly apologizes to her, but she goes into van der Woodsen mode, buttons up, goes dead: "Just smile."

Meanwhile, Blair seems to be trying to make a temporary home for herself somewhere around Chuck's tonsils. He pulls back and says he wants to take it slow this time. It takes her breath away. "Chuck Bass is a romantic. Who knew?" All he cares about right now is that she knows. (And that Nate knows, so he can forgive him.) B leads him off the floor, by the hand.

("We're not the same dear and it seems to me / There's nowhere we can go with nothing underneath...") One last flash, and then they're gone. Serena gives Dan the all clear, tells him he can let go, but Dan doesn't want to. They keep dancing: eight couples, five, three, and then it's just them, in the center of the ice. She leans her head against his and realizes that it's over.

ONE WEEK LATER -- and Joe R is awesome for pointing out that any other show, you have to jump at least a year to change everything, if not four or five, but this show is so true to high school that a week is plenty -- Jenny calls Rufus on the tour bus from DUMBO, where apparently Alison is babysitting her while Dan babysits the gallery. She's all excited because the mail just came, and that's exciting because her letter from Parsons has arrived. You know, the one about her internship? What, you didn't know about this? Don't you know any fifteen-year-olds with summer internships from Parson's? What have you been doing with your life?

"Hold my hand over the phone," she giggles -- Jenny is like her cutest self ever this whole scene -- and he smiles lovingly on the bus. She opens the envelope, and she's got it. She scans down to see the designer, and of course it is: Eleanor Waldorf Designs. Jenny chuckles sardonically at this twist of fate, and even Rufus is like, "That's kind of fucked up, yeah?" She laughs and stares around the room, completely overwhelmed, laughing at the whole situation. That makes me like her a lot more.

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