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Just as Nate's getting off what must be his tenth conversation with Chuck today, talking about how Vanessa's a "great girl" but he has "too much going on right now" -- because when I think "Nate Archibald" I think "whirlwind of activity," don't you? -- Serena spots him coming down the sidewalk the other way, and grabs him. Nate gives that especially joyous "Hey!" I love so much, and they talk about how they've been saying goodbye to their Blair and their Chuck, and how they're rooting for their love. So say we all! Nate's like, "I guess if they're happy, I'm happy," and Serena totally goes, "When have you ever been happy?" Nate laughs very genuinely and points out that that was a crazy thing to say to a person, and she just giggles and jostles around. "I am feeling frisky. You know how I get in the summer." This last in one of her many weird voices, kind of a Tallulah Bankhead thing this time. His body language is straight-up nervous and he crosses his arms -- that is a lot of woman to have aimed at you, claiming frisk -- but he actually manages to put a sweet spin on how he of all people knows how frisky she gets in the summer. After all, last summer she took his virginity, made a sex tape, and killed a guy all in the space of about an hour. That's frisky!

"Well, you won't have to witness any of it. I'm locking myself away in the Hamptons house." They agree that it's a summer to reflect, alone, and that it'll be good to get away from everything. They nod sweetly and take about three steps before she calls his name, and he whirls around even faster than she did, and she asks if he wants to hang out at some point. "What are you up to now?" And again, the chemistry... I hate the whole "everybody switches partners" routine in theory -- especially compared with the awesome Grey's finale, which did it right -- but this couple also is very fun to watch. They both come alive in a whole other way. So that's two. The other two, meh:

Blair busts onto the Bass helipad, where some ugly random boiler room guy is also waiting. He asks if she's on the Bass marketing team and she explains she's with Chuck, who the guy posits must be terrifying, if he's anything like his Dad. Blair's like, "Terrifying? Try Tuscany, bitch." Random agrees that it is totally romantic. Then they get into a tussle about the jump seat, because Random also likes the jump seat, because it gives him a sense of control, and Blair's like, "We approve of one another."

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