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In the Bass suite, Chuck's looking great in a pale yellow shirt under a v-neck cardigan with super-wide bands at the waist and a pattern very reminiscent of The Scarf, only cute and not dumb looking. He pops his phone back in his pocket and they talk about their romantic trips and how Bart and Lily had a good honeymoon, and then Bart fucks everything up. He starts by saying he's proud, and Chuck whines that the speech was a whole week ago, so Bart adds accolade to injury and calls him polite and modest, and then as if Chuck weren't looking green enough around the gills, points out that Chuck is also growing up. Chuck applies the brakes to this particular responsibility train, because in effect what Bart is saying is, "Everything that makes you Chuck Bass is being taken from you, and then you will be nobody."

Chuck tries to laugh it off, how he plans to hold onto his youth for as long as possible, and Bart says it's not up to him. Chuck feints left, saying that he loves B because she knows he'll never change, but Bart heads him off at the pass: "Yeah... Until you take her away to Europe on a private jet. That is gonna change everything." Chucks' freaky face falls completely, but Bart's looming over his shoulder in that awesome "let's have a conversation where we're not looking at each other" shot I love so much, and really fucking rubbing it in: "But that's a good thing, son. Having a real girlfriend will force you to learn about responsibility, sacrifice, being faithful... Taking into account somebody else's feelings, not just your own." Chuck is completely horrified: "....Ffffffeelings?" YES! HA!

"All the partying and the women... You will come back from this summer a new man. Take my word for it." He rubs his shoulder. This is so sad, because to buy this show you have to buy what Chuck's going through, which is the whole burlesque thing again and the fact that if he really dates Blair then he'll really be naked and all the grody stuff that he's all about goes away and there's nothing to replace it except, what? Blair. Eric. Bart and Lily and Serena. Stuff he already has, and a scoundrel's reputation so scandalous nobody can ever judge him for anything, so he never risks anything. Right? But also, I like Bart a lot, and he's continuing to be totally nice and cool and awesome here. And that's sad, because he's being a good father to what is, after all, a pretty troubled son, and he's so excited that he won't have to worry about Chuck all the time anymore, because he's growing up, but every word just twists the knife and scares him so much, and he won't even know that, ever, so he just rubs the kid's shoulder and tries to tell him how much he loves him, when really all he's doing is scaring him to death.

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