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Chuck, jumping into his jacket, tells her she's on her own for actually pulling it off. "I have a best man speech to write, and no time to write it." Blair assures him she can be "bitch enough for both" of them, and he says he's still got the scars on his back to prove it." She shoves him from the room, grossed out, and the whole time she's strong-arming him out he's like, "They say if you love something, you should set it free..." On the other hand, Blair coins, "They say when you hate something, you should slam the door in its face." And she does, just as he's growling about how much he loves when she talks dirty.

I dunno. I like them together, obviously, and it's a fine scene, but there's something indefinable about this episode that really bugs me and it's everywhere, in every shot. I don't know if I can explain it except to say that there are things Gossip Girl can get away with that The O.C. could never get away with, and there are things The O.C. -- previous to now, the best show ever made -- could do that you can't do on Gossip Girl. And a lot of the liberties taken in this episode -- the madcap non sequiturs of the scene above, for example -- would not have seemed out of place at all on that other show. It's just ... the whole thing feels kind of arbitrary and screwball in a way that works weird against the tone of the show.

And I hate to even say that because the writers of this episode are of course Schwartz and Savage, who made up both shows, so if anybody could tell the difference it would be them, so maybe it's just finale-itis or the strike or something. Maybe it's me. It just seems like the last two episodes have not really taken into consideration the finely tuned characterizations that make the show good, so everything just seems sort of bizarre. Like if Olivia and Elliott started talking like Lorelei and Rory, that would be a problem. That's kind of what this is like at various points. It's good, but weird.

Good: Nate. Weird: Nate's hair, which looks like a bird's nest made by lackadaisical birds with low attention span and a lot of product. What does jogging with the Captain do to this boy's hair? Is it worth it? They have another one of those "Rehab sure didn't slow you down" conversations they have where Nate desperately tries to shore up his father's virility and confidence even though his dad is a shithead, and then Captain Shithead blows some smoke about how great everything is going to be forever and ever, and also how much father/son fun they're going to have at the wedding. Only Nate Archibald could you say that to and have it make sense.

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