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I won't let you bury it/ I won't let you smother it/ I won't let you murder it
Our time is running out

At the atelier, Rufus admits he's impressed, both by the general respect she's earned and her own very professional behavior, but Little J's not even mid-ankle dip when he rules in favor of Constance Billard. She stutters sadly for a second before giving in, and with a broken spirit and poor posture, asks her father to take her on one last errand before her dreams go down for their final dirt nap.

A string quartet version of my favorite Muse song, "Our Time Is Running Out," is playing at the Dean's party. As you know, this show has the best music, but it's also usually employed quite wisely and sort of amazingly apropos in general. In this case, the various lyrics quoted above aren't there, because you can't have that shit playing at this party, but you have to have it playing at the party because of all the wonderful songs on this show, the one most central to each episode always plays during the big party. It's always the case. So it's a neat little heightened reality moment to have a string version of the central song playing, because it's still unrealistic but also really haunting.

Serena stands over a large bowl full of slips of paper, thinking about her answer. Blair jumps out at her to scream BOO and Serena's amazed she managed to manipulate her way in. Blair is wearing a black dress with a shiny lavender ribbon headband, and looks totally gorgeous: "I get what I want, Serena. Just like I'm gonna win tonight. What's your answer? Oh, no, let me guess. Lauren Conrad?" (Coincidentally, I thought about saying that as my answer, because I sort of want to be her when I grow up. Talk about a real-life Serena van der Woodsen.) Serena, again taunted by Blair's aggressive insecurity into defending herself, straight up says she's using George Sand. "If you're gonna cheat your way in, then why should I play fair? Oh, and I heard that the Dean asks his question in alphabetical order, so since V comes before W, it looks like the answer is all mine."

The song goes wild, perhaps in part to keep you from noticing that the answers are going into a bowl. Which means the Dean is somehow going to simultaneously be producing them at random, and in alphabetical order. Which may be impossible, but then I'm not a Dean of Yale. Also, Serena is wearing less an outfit than a sports bra, and generally looks dressed even more insanely than she was at the interview, and when she heads over to talk to the Dean -- leaving Blair alone and looking schemey at the punch bowl of answers -- she says, "How kind of you!" in the weirdest, most loopy ADR loop of all time. It sounds like she's doing Eliza Doolittle again. Maybe it's just in Blair's imagination.

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