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And he doesn't. One of the other consequences of Chuck calling from the Ball is that Serena and Dan never had to know what their parents were doing; that was Chuck being honorable, again, and it burned him, again. And now Dan and Serena can go on in blissful ignorance about their parents' culpability, and Chuck can go on bearing it alone. But that doesn't mean they get to watch.

Aaron, of course, instructs Serena to let Dan leave, and she finally gives in, of course, and Chuck stares after Dan until he's far enough away, then shoves past Blair and Lily both, heading toward the church doors. Lily chases after him. "I know you're upset, but we all really need each other right now..." Chuck nearly shoves her down on the churchyard gravel: "Don't touch me, whore." He keeps walking, so full of secrets he's bursting. Secrets, the things he hates the most. "Charles, please! You need to be with your family!" Chuck whirls, Eric standing a few feet behind him, almost reaching out. "My family? I don't have a family."

I keep writing these songs for you
To steal you from your grey
And we can dance in our front room again

He doesn't even spare Eric a glance.

"If the Lord is our shepherd, it looks like one of his lambs has lost his way... Or maybe make that a black sheep. We bring nothing into the world and we leave nothing behind, but that doesn't mean we don't leave a big old mess when we go."

Chuck's family stares, in shock and terrified for him. Eric's heart is breaking; Lily shakes with adrenaline and loss, and her mother holds her close.

Every time you walk away
Or run away
You take a piece of me with you there

Rufus sits at home, playing his one hit single, "Everytime." He wrote it for Lily; Lily and Lincoln Hawk are two memories that won't stay buried and entwine themselves around each other. It's a song about loss, and about the year of magical thinking: she walks away, and takes the pieces with her, but she always comes back.

"You're back soon," he says as his son enters. "I wouldn't have thought Bart Bass would be one to have a short funeral." Dan admits that Chuck forcibly ejected him before he even got inside. "According to him, uh, my... My father killed his father." The guitar strings twang in a way that would be ridiculous in any other context, but I'm afraid I don't have much laughing in me this week. "Why would he say that?" Rufus asks; he blinks his eyes innocently and lets Chuck continue to carry the burden alone.

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