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Sketches For My Sweetheart The Drunk

Lily changes course, having already said the unforgiveable, trying to spin it: "But you couldn't, could you, because you're just like him. You have to know everything, control everyone, trust no one..." Chuck's back is a coiled spring, a mousetrap, a viper: "Are you saying this is my fault?" She rushes forward, horrified, begging him not to hear that behind her words, or the shame she's carrying too. "No! It's no one's fault." He finally looks into her eyes, face twisting, and says the secret she's been hiding: "Yes it is. It's your fault." We all mourn in our own ways: First it was Dan, then it was Rufus, then it was all of them, and now it's her. "His blood is on your hands."

Lily slaps him, hard, then gasps. "I am so sorry..." she says, honestly appalled, but he shakes it off. "As soon as that will is read and I get my money, you will never see me again." He leaves her there, leaves her behind, leaves her in her shame, and heads downstairs, roughly demanding his coat. Serena and Nate and Blair rush toward him, at the foot of the stairs, but he brushes them off. "Gotta go. Can't talk." Blair asks where, but he won't tell, because he's still carrying them all: he'll go buy his family's secrets, since he couldn't get around Andrew Tyler, since the last secret wasn't in the safe. "Everyone you know is standing in this room," Blair protests, and Chuck explains drunkenly that he doesn't feel like being there. Eric steps forward, strong Eric: "We want you here. I just lost my stepfather, I don't want to lose my brother, too..." But one look from Chuck tells him all he needs to know; he starts to crumble even as Chuck stares into his eyes, and keeps talking, underlining it, cutting this last tie: "When are you going to get it? We are not related." Eric's heart breaks as he storms away, the one he loves the most, the last of his family. Nate tries to stop Blair going after him, but she shoves him away and runs to the elevator as it's closing.

CeCe returns to find Lily having a headache on Bart's office sofa. "Andrew Tyler was just here." Lily asks if he honestly came by to pay his respects, and CeCe shakes her head. "No, he wanted me to pay him." Lily breathes, equal parts relief and exhaustion and fear. "He knows about the hospital in France." CeCe jerks. "That's why Bart was coming to see me the night of the accident. Tyler told him." CeCe nods: that's what he's offering for auction now. Lily quakes. "Oh my God, you have to stop him." And CeCe speaks in riddles and epigrams and gives with one hand while taking with the other: "Do I? I'm not sure." Lily's voice goes all Mia Farrow, suddenly, as she gapes at her mother: "After all this time, now you decide that the right thing to do is... To tell the truth?" It sounds foreign, imaginary, implausible, deadly.

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