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Serena takes off her scarf. It's not like Dan was taking the bait anyway, so what does it matter? It all makes sense now. Nate had to become a man when the Captain went away the first time; this season has been a carnival of rage for Serena as she uncovers and looks at more and more of her memories and understands the depths of her mother's fallibility, and that's a secret nobody is going to tell you because it hurts too much to repeat: "Don't bother. You love Rufus, you always have, and you married Bart anyway, and now he's dead." Lily almost laughs. "Well, I might have fleshed out some of the more subtle nuances, but yes, I suppose that's the gist of it. So go ahead: How could I, Bart's body's not even cold... Whatever horrible things you're gonna say to me, just go ahead and say them." But this isn't Serena's fight anymore. "I should have seen this coming." Lily reminds her of their deal, how she broke up with Rufus in deference to her daughter's relationship with Dan. Serena's logical: "Has Rufus told you he wants to be with you?" He has. Finally, yes, he has.

Serena sits down. This is her choice, coming down the pike. Since the story itself doesn't allow both, she has to weigh this morning's calamitous disaster with Dan against the fairly enjoyable relationship with Aaron before she speaks again. She can't know how manipulative Rufus has been, which should inform this choice, so it seems clearer than it should be: "Well, this may sound strange coming from me, but... If you want to be with him, then you should. Maybe it's your time now. After all that you've been through, you should at least try." Lily asks about Dan, and Serena gives a fatalistic hum. "I'm gonna try to make things work with Aaron. We're going to Buenos Aires for the holidays. That is, if it's okay with my Mom?" Lily agrees; she'd agree to anything. She throws her arms around her daughter; the tears in her eyes are tears of joy.

Jenny's steaming the wedding jacket when Dan arrives, complaining in a bizarre accent from some imaginary Scottish antipode of Argentina that she's off on holiday with Aaron. "Uh well she hasn't actually decided yet but he invited her and she's not sure so I think I tipped her in the direction of saying yes." Jenny asks why the eff he did, and Dan's like, "Because she asked me not to?" He realizes how boneheaded he just was, but says it's in fact not because he's a moron who had no idea what was going on, but because he's above "stupid games." Um, stupid games like, "Please ask me to go back out with you so I can go back out with you and we can have some sex?" That's real esoteric.

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