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Sketches For My Sweetheart The Drunk

"Signs" by Bloc Party again, over an awesome montage: Eleanor and Cyrus taking their vows from the pastor and the rabbi, with Blair and Dorota on one side and Serena and Aaron on the other, holding hands. Dorota looks incredibly lovely; Blair spends the ceremony trying not to smile with glee.

Eleanor breathes deep. "I, Cyrus, take, you, Eleanor, to be no other than yourself." Eleanor lowers her head. "I give you my love. I am my beloved's, and my beloved is mine." Aaron loves that, of course, because it's his theme song; Blair's a little hurt by it, but sweetly overcome by the moment. Cyrus slides the ring onto Eleanor's hand and she giggles; Blair's beautiful smile in this moment is incandescent, and Dorota is overjoyed, and Blair covers her eyes when they kiss. Elsewhere, Dan walks down the street, all moody with the realization that he just got crunched by everybody.

You never wanted to alarm me
But I'm the one that's drowning now

Chuck stands at the fireside, holding the secret. The people that love you are the only chance you have. He is surrounded, enfolded, by so much love. He hates secrets, and he loves his family. He's said his goodbyes, but those things are still true. He is a good, strong son. She reminded him of who he was. He holds the secret in the flames until it lights, and the considers it. He drops it in the ash bucket and watches it burn.

At your funeral I was so upset
So upset, so upset
In your life you were larger than this

And Lily is packing for her escape, and after much thought removing her wedding ring and putting it in a velvet jewelry box; and Rufus is packing his bags in that dorky turtleneck, and carrying them to his door like they contain the future; and Blair is giggling and shrinking away as Cyrus pops the champagne open and toasts the Waldorf-Roses; and Serena is toasting with water, Aaron at her back; and Dorota is whispering to Blair, and she slowly backs away from the celebration and heads quietly upstairs.

"What do you think you're doing here?" she says, but drops the act when she sees him, broken on the bed. His eyes are empty, almost afraid and almost sad and almost asking. He doesn't have to. She throws herself on him, against his strong back, and she takes the weight it carries; she curls herself around him. Around Chuck Bass, his aching loneliness and pain and anger: the beast in the cage, who knows the tigers and the monsters in her and doesn't care at all. The worst thing she's ever done, the darkest thought she's ever had, and Chuck Bass loves her for them. Around Charles, the good strong son, the calm and patient boyfriend he waits so eternally to be, to stand with her through anything, if he were only brave enough. Around Charlie Trout, limp as a doll, leaning back against her, being held. I am me, and you are you. She calls him back across the line, with her arms around him, and everything drains out until there's nothing left, just pieces she collects and holds together. With all the strength in that tiny fierce frame.

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