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Sketches For My Sweetheart The Drunk

Lily stands on a bridge in the park, and listens to a voice that's gone forever. "Lily, we need to talk. And not about how my wife is making a fool of me with her old lover. I know the real reason you were in that hospital in France." She deletes the message immediately.

For my sweetheart the melancholic
You have crossed the river Styx
The waves have taken you away

"Biko" plays over beautiful shots of the mourners assembling, gathering, ushering themselves in, away from the cold. Dan and Aaron stand on the steps, anxiously waiting like twin sentinels. Serena texts Dan they'll be arriving soon, and he self-importantly tells Aaron the news; Aaron receives the message a few seconds later. "Well, I got it first," Dan says desperately, ugly; Aaron scrambles: "Yeah, well, it's probably my service. 401 area code..." Rhode Island, RISD, college, maturity. Whatever weapon you have, use it.

Jenny gets out of a cab in H&M, carrying that ridiculous safety-pin Bodhi clutch like a badge of overdesigned, overthought fashion, and joins the boys; she informs them that Eric's just around the corner and shoots a look at Aaron when Dan hisses in response. The limo arrives, and she darts out, grabbing Eric and pulling him past the crowd, toward the church doors.

As I lay my head on your chest
I can hear it your veins
Wake me up when you come to bed...

Serena's in a studded-collar Burberry coat and hoisting Chanel; Aaron desperately snatches and grabs at her when she's in range, ordering her jealously and faux-caringly, afraid she'll go to Dan without thinking: "Hey, come here..." She gives him the fakest hug of all time and then flows into Dan's arms like water. Aaron is disappointed and disgusting; Dan leaves to pay his respects to Lily.

Near the door Jenny asks how Eric's doing; it's hit him hardest of the three. Bart brought him Florida souvenirs -- "Go Marlins!" -- when he thought Eric was just on a long vacation, and when the Ostroff Center came to light he loved him just as much. Bart gave him everything he couldn't give Chuck, because Eric was a reminder of life; Bart gave him a father. And now he is gone, and he's taken his son with him, and Eric is alone again, in the house of the Rhodes women.

"Have you seen Jonathan?" he asks, last remnant of Levin's diaries, the last secret that proved Bart loved him back, in his way; Jenny asks why he would be there. He would be there because that's what boyfriends do. "I just thought he might want to be here." Because the boys are fighting to hold Serena up, and everyone's holding Lily up, and nobody's there to hold up Eric. Eric, who was accustomed to Bart in a way not even Chuck could be. Eric, the only one who honestly loved him.

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