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The Serena Also Rises

Jenny is surprised to find her father Rufus calling at the atelier, but would recognize the storm brewing above his head from blocks away, as it is one of his primary modes: righteous anger at having been called upon, once again, to parent. Blair smiles on the scene from a doorway and Rufus demands that she accompany him home, and leave the atelier forever. "As of this minute, your fashion duties are over." Her protests fall on deaf ears; after all, her father points out, she's getting well-practiced in disappointing those who trust her, and there's no reason that group should not include the terrifying Eleanor and Laurel. He marches her out, under Blair's triumphant eye and GG's gloating menace: "They say in fashion, you can become a success overnight. But one minute you're in, and the next you're out." Bridge too far, my blogging beloved, but I'm too overjoyed to see all three Humphreys in pain to worry about it.

Saturday morning. Jenny reads fashion magazines as her father sulks and stares her down, and finally she tries to excuse herself: "It's not as bad as it looks. A girl in my class was e-mailing me my assignments, and I was keeping up with all of my reading. I just needed to get through Fashion Week and it would have been fine." Rufus protests that "being a liar and a truant" does not constitute anything like "fine," and Jenny whines in turn that she was possessed by a compulsive desire to help Eleanor Waldorf; he sends her to Constance to visit Headmistress Queller, even over her shrieking complaint that it is Saturday, traditionally a day of rest for young women of her age.

Serena arrives Chez Waldorf in time for an opening volley of attitude from Blair, and asks why she persists in ignoring Serena's calls. Blair's voice begins to shake immediately: "What is there to say? You've only taken over the girls at school, and abandoned our oldest tradition, to go to my mother's show with a complete stranger." Serena smiles, trying to talk Blair down, unaware that her ascension to the throne has recombined with the shame of losing Lord Marcus, the rise of Pirate Jenny, and this latest Poppy-related insult to strip Blair of any identity she has heretofore been able to create for herself, and describes the Plastics of Constance with an honesty and condescension rarely seen among mortals: "These girls are like hummingbirds, they move from flower to flower. They'll be on to someone else next week, and then back to you. It's not a big deal." Blair's voice continues to rise in volume as she names the sins of the House of van der Woodsen: "And I suppose it's not a big deal that you're sitting front row at my mother's show either?"

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