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Blush & Bashful, Or: Game Of Scones


Andrew: "This is not going to be your favorite movie. It's Bart arguing with Avery Thorpe outside that blowed-up building, and then she goes inside, and then he runs away, and then the building blows up, killing at least one security guard..."
Chuck: "Spoilers!"
Andrew: "...And that's the last time anybody heard from Avery Thorpe."
Chuck: "Whew. On any other show that would mean she was certainly dead, but on this show it means she is probably going to be in the next episode."
Andrew: "And then somehow she will take over Bass Industries."

Chuck: "I cannot wait for that very exciting storyline."
Andrew: "I cannot wait to get a callback on that supernatural cop drama so that I don't have to be here for it."
Chuck: "I cannot wait for Nathaniel to come home without Raina. Turns out whiskey dick carries a statute of limitations."
Andrew: "I cannot wait for you to finish watching this video so I can leave. You're making me super uncomfortable."
Chuck: "I'm Chuck Bass."


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