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Chivalry Is Dead But You're Still Kinda Cute

Out on the street, Dan asks if he's got a shot at another date, and since she has no other prospects and doesn't actually care about Nate that much, plus Dan is smart and cute, she giggles. "I don't think you could top this one!" He points out that he punched somebody, and did this without also making love with Adam Brody, so they're about even. While Nate drinks lonesomely, Blair and Chuck and Gossip Girl are all going wild about how "She better not show her face again!" and "I'm actually hoping she will," from Chuck, earning Blair's approval as a pawn. In the cab, Dan and Serena and Jenny have a sweet moment; Serena stares out the window of the cab, bookending her ride into Grand Central, somewhat happy that she has friends. Even poor ones. Gossip Girl dorks out about how no matter what, school's going to suck on Monday for old Serena, and how you know you love her, and you know you love her stock phrases.

Next up: Blair begins the slutty reeducation of Jenny, Nate's hair's still cute, Blair tells Serena she knows about the champagne supernova last year, and Chuck gets into a threesome with Rosencrantz and Guildenstern. Scandalous!

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