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The credits of How I Met Your Mother... My mistake. They're the endless stupid photographs of Max, blown bright into genius by the considerable power of teenagers convinced they invented everything. Damn, Willa Holland is beautiful. Sometimes it takes you by surprise. Agnes's phone rings and she screams at the person on the other end for awhile about how she is a bitch, and the whole time Max is begging for the beatdown, and Jenny's finally like, "You must've taken, like, a million pictures tonight... " Max blows her off and continues to be annoying, but she's a little bit uncomfortable.

"You only see me for the clothes that I wear.../ Or did the interest go so much deeper?/ It must have been the color of my hair! What you wanted was never made clear/ Behind the image was ignorance and fear/ You hide behind this public machine/ Still follow the same old scheme/ ...Somebody had to stop me/ I'm not the same as when I began, I'll not be treated as property/ I'm not the same as when I began, it's not a game of Monopoly..." He reaches out and moves her hair out of her eyes; she shivers. "I like photographing you, though." When you leave the world that makes sense how are you supposed to know what's okay?

"That was Trish and Saskia, they just got off work so they want to meet up. Now." Jenny begs off, citing her work again, and Agnes shakes her head. In the new world, this makes sense: this is work. "Trish and Saskia are like the hottest stylists." Max nods. "You should meet these girls. They do editorial for Nylon and Paper all the time." Jenny agrees that this sounds awesome, but continues to protest. "No no no, listen sweetie, just come and say hi for like five minutes. That's nothing! You can sleep when you're dead, baby!" Which, Jenny points out, is tomorrow, when Eleanor kills her. "I'm gonna have to pull an all-nighter as it is. I really have to go." Agnes gives in, but as Jenny's gathering her shit, disappears -- still wearing the dress. Jenny pushes her way through the crowd and out onto the street, spotting Agnes just as she's getting in a cab. She laughs in horror and dials, but it's just voicemail: "This is Agnes. You know what to do, bitches." I swear Jenny goes, "Shit." Gossip Girl's loving it: "Sorry J, but in the real world, you can't take a note to the principal when a drunken model eats your homework." Trust!

Jenny's sitting at her sewing machine, still wearing last night's ghoulish makeup, when Agnes comes running in with apologies and dress in hand. Jenny is pitch-perfect throughout this episode, but her distracted professional annoyance here is fantastic: not mean/hateful, just brush-offy/please bug me later. I'm really liking what's happening to this character, and what Momsen's doing with her. It's brilliant. Agnes praises the dress to heaven and Jenny's like, "Fuckin' great" and throws it on a table without looking up. "Okay seriously, you work your ass off, and for what? So Eleanor can rip off your ideas?" Jenny snips and pulls at the threads, mercilessly: "No, Eleanor promised that I could be in the meetings with the buyers from Bendel's and Barneys today." Agnes points out they had the same deal regarding Bloomingdale's," and Jenny just keeps working like she barely has time to roll her eyes in acknowledgement of that truth. Agnes starts pulling at her, and Jenny shoves her away, but finally she's like, "Oh my God, what?"

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