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Agnes drags her to a computer in another room of the atelier and says those immortal words all teenagers have said, when looking at pictures of themselves, at least a billion times: "I mean seriously, this can be an ad campaign." (The difference being, and it's remarkable, that there are professional children for whom this and things like it are true, and in even vaster numbers in the world of this show than in the real world. I think this will end in true destruction because you can't sell this story on a teen drama, and at some point Jenny will hurl herself into Rufus's arms in tears, like she always does, but at this point it could still go the other way, and I kind of wish it would.)

Jenny's taken by the photos and under Agnes's spell, admits that the trio of Max and Agnes and herself have accomplished something remarkable. "I mean, right? And look, you can do whatever you want to do, but I mean, what do you think people will say when they see that Jenny Humphrey's finally gone on her own?" Jenny says she doesn't know, but she knows: "'Jenny Humphrey's so young to have her own line'?" And Agnes points out the other side of the deal she's making now: "Or 'Too bad Jenny Humphrey's stuff looks exactly like Eleanor Waldorf's.'" They stare at each other and wonder if every fairytale and story and warning isn't just propaganda to keep our parents and their lack of talent on top and in control.

Serena -- in a giant shirt like a lampshade -- and Blair -- wearing something the Joker might crossdress in -- come stomping into the café at the Bedford. "Blair Waldorf in Brooklyn?" There's real affection in Dan's voice. "You two... Are you two lost?" Serena thrusts Blair at him, even as she's protesting there's nothing to talk about: "I told you it's over!" Serena throws up her hands again, and shows her hand a little bit, smiling like Blair did last week at brunch: "I'm gonna go check out the art. In the art gallery... Talk." Aaron welcomes Serena to the installation, which still hasn't started even though it's been conservatively six hours since their last conversation, including her dinner with Dan, so I guess the show starts at 3AM or whatever. "Don't worry. You walk in on surgery halfway through, it looks like murder." Serena flirts right past that vivid illustration of her dream man, and offers to help. "You know how to weld?" Serena nods, with that smile she gets: "Um, I've seen Flashdance several times...?" And oh, how they laugh.

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