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Jenny finally runs the dress to Eleanor, who's worrying at the racks: "Well, I almost lost a finger in the process, and I might be permanently cross-eyed, but I did it!" Eleanor thanks her curtly and hangs it on the rack. "You look like hell. You should go home." Jenny jumps, because the buyers are coming. "Yeah, I know. That's why I'm gonna need every moment alone to..." She looks closer. "...figure out what the hell am I gonna do? This dress is a mess!" Jenny protests that, although it's not her finest work, it's not a mess, and Eleanor disagrees. Is she grasping at straws, or being honest? Is this another power play, or is Jenny beside the point? This is where Blair came from: never knowing if the problem is the problem, or a problem hiding the real problem that you don't get to know about. It's one thing with your employer, which sucks, but I am here to tell you that when it's your Mom? You end up fucking Chuck Bass and begging him not to love you while simultaneously begging him to love you. That's all I'm saying.

"The seams aren't finished, the zipper gapes, and... And you finished the hem on the machine." Turns out Jenny lied and said the machine ate her fabric and that's why she had to start over, but Eleanor cuts her dead. "Stop lying to me. I know where you were last night. Laurel caught the interns looking at pictures of you and Agnes, out at some trashy bar." I miss Laurel. Jenny bites her lip and apologizes, digging herself back further and further away, and Eleanor unleashes total honesty: "You want to be a grown-up? And have a real job? You have to accept real responsibility and the consequences for your actions when you don't come through." As though she's talking to herself, but still aiming it square at Jenny's creepy little head, she grumbles she never should have given so much responsibility to a child. And Jenny's head catches on fire and starts spinning around on her neck, shooting sparks every which way, catching a pile of samples on devil-colored fire: "A [motherfucking] child?"

"I'm sorry, but this child seems to be the only one that can design anything that the buyers are remotely interested in." And just like that, the fight is having them. Eleanor wrote herself into this All About Eve shit, and Jenny jumped onboard, but it's just like any other fairytale, as Gossip Girl would say: Forget that you're playing along and you'll get eaten. "This is not about that dress," Jenny spits into Eleanor's shock and rage. "You are using that dress as an excuse because you are scared that if I am in that meeting and meet someone important that they will want to be in business with me and not you." Eleanor points out that whether or not it's true will never enter into this conversation, because that was bullshit on a massive scale, and explains that Jenny is just about fucking fired.

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