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Blair runs up squealing that Chuck just texted her to meet him on the roof, presumably because he'll be damned if he goes inside this house of low-rent horror, and Blair's like, "This way if he doesn't say it back, then I can just jump. Then he'll be really sorry." It's the absolute joy on her face that makes it funny; Serena grabs her hands and reminds her that nobody wants their obituary to say they died in Brooklyn. "Wish me luck," Blair says, and Serena kisses her hands. Be brave.

Dan knocks on the window as Blair passes by the café, telling her to wait up. "I can't. Chuck's waiting for me!" She could power the city in an outage. "I know. It's about that. Just, um, you know, be ... careful." Blair looks at him like they're friends and reminds him of his advice: "You said to be the opposite of careful. You told me to take a risk!" Her joy is at half-mast; Dan makes that face he only makes when he is lying. "Right, I know. I know. But I... It was bad advice, because when I said that, I was thinking of how things were for Serena and me." Her face is getting sadder; he could stop if he wanted, but he can't stop now. "I mean, we're talking about Chuck here. It's not the same thing." Blair says, with all her force of will: "Yes it is!"

Yes, it is: the Dan and Serena story is a fairytale I can have. I deserve to love him the way I see Serena look at you; I deserve to have what I want, to see it his eyes like when you look at her, still. Begging him not to kill it, not to tell her she's not human enough to play the same games as they do. Even when Serena's not around, she threatens to swallow you whole. Her voice is weaker still: "And it's gonna be okay." Dan presses harder. "Sure, well, maybe. Just, before you say anything, make sure he's done playing games." It's broken, the story he helped her write and she was about to tell, it's broken just like that. The beast is just a beast, and the ice girl fades away. And the worst bit, the very worst part: She had two friends. Today she trusted him, and now it's gone. Serena would never give her this bravery and then take it away. She thought Dan was like Serena, but he's just another enemy. She pulls the ice across her like a blanket: "Now. If you'll excuse me..." She slumps away, holding onto scraps of bravery. Dan stares.

Jenny spots Rufus, and her back goes straight after a moment of fear, because she knows she has to tell him what happened; Agnes and Max appear between them. Max heads off to say hello to Aaron, whom he knew at RISD of course, and Agnes gushes at Jenny about the "crazy stunt with Eleanor." Jenny shivers, and admits she's about to unburden herself about that shit with Rufus, and tell him he was right. As usual. But first: "The editor from Nylon saw the photos from last night," Agnes almost screams. "He wants to do a feature on you as A Designer To Watch." Jenny continues to call on depths of awesomeness her Humphrey genes have only let her express: "Agnes, since I quit Eleanor's I am an unemployed, homeschooled fifteen-year-old. I'm not even an intern to watch."

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