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Agnes shakes her head, because that's not the world she knows. She's a real-life teen model: "Dude, relax. Max and I were just talking about it. You should do your own clothing line." Jenny points out the very real problems with all that, and Agnes says the only thing you can say that is true: "Stop coming up with reasons not to do it and just make some more dresses." Which she could do at home while going to school, right, and is the proper answer, but not in Agnes World: "I can model them, Max will do some photos. I mean, you can totally do this." Jenny's being won over, and Agnes pushes: "Now you're gonna come with me to this party, and you're gonna meet this editor, because he's dying to meet you. So you my bitch or what?" Valid, sketchy godmother. Jenny agrees that she is totally Agnes's bitch, and because "bitch," along with "dude" and "Seroquel," is one of the three words she apparently knows, Agnes is satisfied.

Nate catches up to Jenny as they're leaving, wanting to hang out, and she offers to hang tomorrow at the loft. (Hey, is Nate even in school right now? Is he just hanging out all day doing pull-ups? Possibly in his soccer shorts or his altogether?) He laughs and mentions how busy she always is, and she's like, luckily I quit and am now officially useless in all areas. He puts the breaks on and points out that she was obsessing about her job with Eleanor to the point of walking away from him in a towel this morning, and she replies that, after a couple of weeks in a failing design house she is now ready to spread her wings and fly. He's like, "And Rufus thinks?"

Which is the appropriate question, and Jenny knew that ten minutes ago, until Agnes rewrote the world around her and made her think this possibility is the only possibility, and that she doesn't need a map or a net. At which point, Nate stops being a part of the friendly lovely world, and turns into a buzzkill. Which she relates with now-characteristic aplomb and snappy language: "Okay. um, I was hoping for a, more of like a Congratulations Jenny, or at least a monosyllabic Wow, but..." I love the way she speaks now. Nate doesn't get the misstep here, and continues asking about actual real-world shit, like is now the time to start a business, but luckily Agnes summons her, and Nate notices Max, and how much of a college graduate he is, and Jenny has officially had it.

"Okay, that guy's name is Max, and he went to RISD with Aaron, and he's an amazing photographer. He's gonna shoot my line. Look, I gotta go. Um, my friends are waiting for me, so I guess if my Dad asks, just tell him I'm at Eleanor's?" Ooh, the Stop Sucking Brushoff plus the Do A Sister A Solid! How did Jenny get all cool? Life of practice with Dan, who in this arena is a thousand Nates of annoying. Nate takes that split second it takes him to react to things, and she is gone. He is left in a spot. It's like the second he got rid of his horrible family he got saddled with the most troubled family in the entire city. Which would automatically suck, but it's Nate so now he's going to do whatever it takes to fix them, and I say this in all earnestness: I promise you that it will somehow involve prostituting himself at some point. Use the tools in your toolbox.

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