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Chuck: "So you took away my business? This is our new family partnership?"
Bart: "I am making the right call. My death meant a child inherited my company."
Chuck: "Which is thriving, thanks to me. And no thanks to your widow, or the Thorpes."
Bart: "I'm going to awkwardly make this about Blair somehow now."
Chuck: "Give it a shot."

Swing and a miss, but it's a soap opera so it makes sense to do this, but his final point actually is valid to the discussion:

Bart: "Not to mention going nearly bankrupt buying out her marriage from the Grimaldis. The engagement ring was just the final test, and you took it."
Chuck: "You handed it to me and encouraged me to make gestures. And I didn't even make the gestures! She dropped by twice today in the middle of her other storyline, that's it! I was too busy being a good son and not even waiting for this obvious other shoe to drop!"
Bart: "That was dumb, wasn't it. I'm the worst."

Bart very carefully rescinds every approving statement and loving thing he's done and said since returning from the dead -- for which he no longer thanks Chuck -- and even makes fun of the Empire before he's done. Final score, Chuck is still a boy and not a man, and only a Real Man can run Bass Industries.

(Which, of course, Chuck freely gave to Lily back when he bought the Empire originally -- and in fact was an entire year of his storyline, how he no longer wanted to impress a dead man and was more interested in building his own empire/Empire -- but I can see how now it would sting at this point. The Thorpe storyline alone probably would have made him care about Bass Industries again, even though it did none such for anybody else on earth.)


Dan: "Well, that was surprising."
Serena: "Was it, though? Really?"
Dan: "I guess not. Hey, how come your phone was recording us fucking just now?"
Serena: "Weird!"
Dan: "Oh, and here's a text from Penelope about how she was delaying Blair so I would fuck you..."
Serena: "You're acting like I had a plan!"
Dan: "Oh my God, were you going to put our sex tape on Gossip Girl?"
Serena: "Um..."
Dan: "You are the absolute worst person in the universe."
Serena, brandishing text from Kati: "See, but she really did choose Chuck! Look at this text!"

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