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A Rider Like My Father
n check this number, but I just want you to know that I'm not gonna stop trying to get your attention. I'm gonna do whatever it takes, for however long. Bye." Ugh, that phrasing is just too much. I really hope this plot takes an unexpected corner next week, because the way it's written here, it distorts Serena's persona and backstory in a really gross, retroactive way. Having an absent father doesn't make you gay, or a stripper. (If you were already going to be one of those things, sure: It helps.) But this isn't just about sex and being sexy -- it's not just about "what/whom" Gossip Girl said lit the "fuse" of Serena's "exploding" "supernova" -- it's also about celebrity, the need for celebrity, and it's about the It Girl thing that Serena's always about. And in this instance they all seem painted with the same broad brush.

But then again, this single-minded -- that word "grim" again -- the grim realism with which she's approaching this task, using what she's got, every asset from her tits to her family, determined to flush him out, that's very Serena. This show is about surveillance, and particularly Serena's relationship with surveillance. When they took her photo, she kept saying, it takes away a little bit of her soul. Until she realized, the day she bought that pregnancy test for Blair -- no, before, when Blair was a bookcase -- and explained this part of the world to her, that yourself is the one thing you never run out of. That, to quote Eliza again, the difference between a lady and a flower girl is not how she behaves, but how she is treated.

And you know, that's really when she started using the culture for herself. She's used GG and the tabs against Bart, she's used it against Rufus and Lily, she's even used it against Blair; she's been victimized by it more than any of them, but that stopped a long time ago. She kissed Aaron Rose in Times Square, ten stories tall, jumping from muse to goddess and not for the first time. And then Graduation, when she called GG's bluff sixteen times in an episode, bringing the world crashing down around her. So maybe it's just the wording, coincidentally: Maybe this is the strongest, smartest choice Serena could have made, and the lies are just about protecting Dan and Lily from how far she's willing to go. Maybe the cameras are her hounds now.

"Sometimes our independence comes at the cost of something else," GG notes, while Dan drinks alone in the loft and thinks about his identity and Brooklyn things, and Rufus hands over his proudly unspent Kept Man Emergency Fund to the coalition of paparazzi: "And that cost can be high." Jenny assures him that this will keep Serena out of the press, although the guy says there's one photographer they haven't found... With whom Serena is meeting at a bar, urging him to run the pictures on every continent.

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