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Actual Dialogue: "Katy Perry just retweeted us!"

Fucking barf. If I thought Katy Perry even knew who I was I would change my name to Ivy Dickens and go be a waitress somewhere shitty like Florida. That is where you cross my line. Thanks for giving my Twitter Hep C of the brains. But I guess this means Dan is going to be famous, round two. Only with... I think that if Katy Perry retweets you, part of the deal is that Russell Brand gets you in the butt for about forty-five minutes. So have fun, Daniel. Grossest possible thing of life, you get to share with Katy Perry, the grossest person of life. Hope that works out for ya, Famous Guy.


Nate: "Fill me in on your whole episode."
Chuck: "... I told her the truth. You know, the thing I keep telling her. I guess this episode it actually counts, despite it being not very different from the other things I keep saying."
Nate, verbatim: "The whole truth? You should work for the Spectator!"

I love how Nate believes he invented telling things.

Said I love how Nate believes he invented telling things.

Chuck: "Blah blah blah, I have lost her and will never have her again, and such."
Nate: "Thanks for that one, buzzkilla."
Boys: "Could not care less."


Dorota: "Tell Prince you happy not sad be him prince you."
Blair: "No, I am sick inside. From wedding cake, not from the uncertainty that plagues me or whatever."


Carol: "We're good. You can do whatever you want now."
Ivy: "Can I just stay here and have a family? You can have all the money, I don't care."
Carol: "Are you off your meds? Wait, you're Ivy, sorry. I didn't know things were so fucked up about your childhood. I get it. We're buds now. Also, I was the one that stole this."

Also: "If they ever found the truth about the real Charlotte Rhodes, they would never forgive me. This way we both get to keep our family."

Fascination Street! That is awesome. And also sweet. I am so into this show now. Oh my God and now Max is calling. He sounds drunk and scary!

"I want my life back! I moved to LA, the job I gave up here, the two years I spent believing you and loving you, when all you did was lie and cheat so you could have some fancy life that isn't yours. Watch your back, because I am not leaving town until you are done and I have what I want."

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