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So Much for My Happy Ending

"When I saw Blair, she'd just gotten off the phone with Chuck and she was heartbroken. You know, I've been so consumed with my own feelings, I wouldn't let myself see how much she loves Chuck. You were right. [Say it one more time, bitch!] You were right. She didn't need my confession, she needed my help."

Serena: "Not only is that pretty fucking amazing, it's also precisely the fight I was trying to have with you. Well done."
Dan: "I guess my happy ending is making sure Chuck and Blair get the ending they deserve. I guess that makes sense."
Serena: "Dan, you're a pretty fantastic person sometimes."
Dan: "Don't get too comfortable."

Serena: "It's an unpleasant surprise, when he's awesome. And even more unpleasant when you find yourself crushing on him, despite the voluminous and sundry downsides."
Jacob: "Uh, yeah. It feels an awful lot like food poisoning."


Max: "Rrrarrr! I am lurking! On your phone! With a hilarious mean voice!"
Charlie: "Seriously, dude. Fuck off."
Max: "Oh, I'm leaving town. I guess Tripp paid me for something."
Charlie: "Good. Stop calling me, dude."
Max: "You think once I'm gone, you're free. The truth is, once I go, Ivy, you are trapped in this lie forever."
Charlie: "Look, I worked hard to get here. Trust me. I couldn't be happier."
Max: "Yeah, maybe for now. That'll wear off eventually. No actress wants to play the same role her entire life..."
Charlie: "This is more than just a role. This is my life now, and these people are my family."
Max: "How can their love be real when you're a total fake?"

She finally just hangs up, awesomely, because Jesus with this guy.



Nate: "Are those wolves riding motorcycles? How curious."
Driver: "The paparazzi are aggressive tonight."
Nate: "I think they are chasing my friends, like how Charlie told them to."


Blair: "We gotta tell Louis face to face, like how we discussed in the previous scene."
Chuck: "Are you sure you want to do this? Also like how we discussed this in the previous scene?"
Blair: "As we discussed moments ago, yes."

ibid, verbatim: "You're all I ever wanted. I love you. I love every part of you. I couldn't tell Louis that he would never lose me, because it wasn't true. You're the one I never want to leave!"

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