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And frankly, at this point, with the snow in their hair, there's not much to say. In the middle of a forest which is both unreal and more real than they realize, with no burlesque at all, with the history of their love continually unfolding around her, back two years and into the future, Serena finally makes love to Dan. And outside the box, outside the burlesque and the gift of snow, up on the rooftop, it begins to snow for real. The snow comes falling down, the lie becomes truth, the story stops being fiction, snow falls on New York, inside the gallery and out. When Blair and Chuck made love, I made a big deal about it: once you start taking off clothes, if you're brave enough not to stop, you see the person for real. The film falls off the projector, and it stops being a story you tell yourself and starts being a story nobody tells at all. And here again: in the middle of a video forest, in the middle of imaginary snow, the story turns true, further than Harold and Eleanor, or Rufus and Alison, or any of the stories grownups tell so they can go on living. The snow comes down, a gift from heaven. It couldn’t have gone any other way. Where they meet is the end of lies and the beginning of whatever happens after that. It's completely awesome, really. And you know I hate romance, and Dan, but sometimes stories come true, and it's good. This is one or two of those stories.

Snow blankets the city on Christmas morning, fictional snow made real, and Serena and Dan wake together, on a bed in the middle of a forest of snow. "The arts and crafts were impressive, but how did you manage the real snow?" Serena giggles into his shoulder that she's well-connected, and Dan tells her that somehow, she has managed the best Christmas ever. I won't complain. They rouse and go home, before their families wake up and the stories start ending.

Eleanor walks Jack to the door. YES! He whispers to her, in the Waldorf foyer, and she giggles into his shoulder, that she is a marvel, and that it's a wonderful surprise, to find men like him wandering Central Park. What a perfect Christmas morning for her! And the boys enter, Harold and Roman, and wish them a good Christmas morning. And it is. They're so happy for her! "The flights were all canceled because of the weather. I wanted to tell Blair in person." They beg Eleanor not to worry -- that they have rooms at the predictable Pierre -- but Eleanor waves them off, still wanting to hold Jack Roth. They'll stay Chez Waldorf, as they should have all alone. Eleanor promises to call Jack, smiling back at the gays: "I'll be spending Christmas with my...family." Which is a gay joke, but also an excellent promise. She's proud. She should be. She has managed to wrangle a family out of thinnest straw, out of disappointment and fear and pain and dreams gone all kinds of wrong. She deserves to be proud that she's still standing., and with so many beautiful men in her foyer. You make your deals. Blair comes down and rushes to her father's arms, and welcomes Roman to Christmas, and they head in. "Come on, you," says Eleanor to Roman, and ties a ribbon around what she has made.

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