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Harold focuses his camera: Eleanor, Roman, Dorota, beautiful Blair, all screaming "Frommage! Cheese!" Perfect. He captures a picture of this sudden, miraculous family, and I suspect wonders how long it can last. I admire what Eleanor's managed to do here, but I have no illusions about it. "Then there are those boxes you wish you had never opened," cautions GG. Blair gets a text message: Chuck (fully dressed, gaily) with Nate (nude) on the beach, cuddled up tight: "Don't worry, B. Who would I tell?" Which sucks, because Blair went from missing Chuck and not caring about Nate, to missing Chuck and having him crap on her about Nate, to missing Chuck and having him threaten her with Nate. All of which are, frankly, within bounds, even if she doesn't know that Chuck knows that for the brief time she broke up with him at the last party she was finally getting Nate in bed, sealing what she thought was one of a number of deals -- only to realize Chuck had a reason to be angry, because she didn't know Chuck knew about her hookup with Nate. What becomes a burlesque to prove she's not into Chuck has just become his prime weapon against her, and now the party can start. "Have a holly jolly Christmas," says GG. "XOXO."

Jan 2, something bad is going to happen at school. Chuck is going to tell everybody not to talk about the thing, and it's going to threaten Dan's scholarship or poor-person exemption, or whatever Dan's deal is. Blair's going to threaten V for something we can only assume is awesome. But tonight, everybody gets the family they deserve, and secretly want: Blair gets a surfeit of dads, Eleanor gets some actual hope, Lily has suitors galore, Dan and Serena are once again doing great, and everybody else seems relatively content for once. I hope your holidays are way less interesting, and at least equally joyful. XOXO.

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